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Travel Blogger. Indonesian cow-ple. Love Traveling. Love Cows. Partners in life. Together we travel and conquer the world... and these are our tales to tell.
When a travel addict/cow lover/social media junkie/movie buff/super wife wannabe/beach sucker/chronic insomniac/paranoid android/shopaholic in denial..
Met a game addict/food lover/comic buff/peace maker/couch potato/snoring sleeper/
morning person/best hubby in the making,..  everything else doesn't matter anymore.

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Yes indeed we're been married for that long without children (yet). It is something that we agreed ever since the first time we decided to tied the knots. Years gone by and we believe everything happens for a reason, so we're not pushing any lucks to get one :) That's not marriage all about.

It is about sharing love, passion and life together. People may talk and pointed as it's a wrongfully decision, but they don't live our life, so we don't bother to listen :)
However recently we wrote down few efforts that we've done to pursue our 'baby cow' in our blog just to kill others' curiosity (we lived in a country where everyone stick their noses into other's business).

We live in Jakarta - Indonesia (sadly)... secretly the wife wanted to live somewhere in Australia or Singapore :)

We enjoy traveling together and obviously being a control freak, the wife is the mastermind on every detail planning of our trips. Other than trying hop on off to places, we enjoy our time with our friends, explore the city, find new restaurants or try new activities, in short: being adventurous.

The wife has also contributed her writing and her photography shoots to various travel magazine and country map, including FREE Official California Visitor's Guide 2009, Escape Indonesia Magazine, Liburan Magazine, Panorama Magazine, Tamasya Magazine, YahooTravel and several tour and travel brochure guides, which (mostly) were underpaid :)

Our passions include photography, beaches, food, movies, snorkelling, good book, gadget, fashion, spa, shopping and, of course Cow!. The wife has super crazy adoration upon anything resemblance to cows and the husband loves to eat beef steak.

In 2002, the wife started her first blog as remembrance for her daily boring-drama queen-alike life, then in 2006, after they got married, she continued writing in Multiply but when Multiply started to go south, she moved back to Blogger, bought this web domain name in 2011 and renamed the whole content dedicated for our passion of traveling, and it become: 
The Traveling Cow.

There is obviously a thin line between bragging about your travel and sharing to people. She doesn't really care much about what people think of her writing. She just wants to keep all these life memories written until one day we grew old and could not remember much about past time.

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