Bali Culinary : Warung 9, Vegetarian restaurants in Ubud

One of my itinerary in Ubud was to try eating at one of vegetarian restaurant(s). Ubud has so many vegetarian/organic food establishments, as being popular for Yoga center in Indonesia, where people who craze for healthier living might find Ubud as their heaven. Being a true omnivore, eating only vegetables has never been my wildest dream, yes I love my salad without mayo or any creamy dressing just a simple olive oil and balsamic, but having no dairy in any kind of food? I wouldn't dream that...hahaha.

So my first encounter of vegetarian restaurant in Ubud was having a very late lunch at Warung 9. It's located opposite Tanah Tho Gallery (which I am pretty sure has the same owner), 2km south of Ubud on the main road, intersection of Jalan Lodtunduh and Jalan Lodtunduh. We almost missed the place as it's very humble establishment, with a lot of trees covering the walls and roof, looked very green indeed.

We reached Ubud around 3.30 PM from Tanjung Benoa where we stayed at Ramada Benoa Hotel. The traffic was horrendous...there was a very long queue at Jalan raya Pengosekan, we spent more than an hour just to passed by, I think the Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray and Love has done a big impact to the serene Ubud that I once knew.

Lovely setting isn't it?
there are cows here too ..not only me :)
The setting is a very nice semi garden restaurant and beautifully decorated in rustic style, there are many collections of arts (statues, paintings, ceramics etc) and even the chairs are painted colorfully, such a lovely place.
Rustic decoration
lovel handmade ceramics
Artsy chairs.
Owned by Pak Thony who is very nice to us (and also to his other guests too) and we chatted a bit with him. He is very down to earth and he understands many special dietary requirements. 

Warung 9 serves mainly vegetarian food, there is fish and egg based dishes but not many. The food serves in buffet style, you could pick any dish that you like, the price is very cheap.
Everything looked good.
For one big spoon of dish IDR 3000 - 6000,  for some soup could be IDR 9000 (the one with fish) and you could choose any kind of (mostly) Indonesian food cooked beautifully. They served various type of rice, from regular white rice, brown rice, red rice to yellow rice. From peanut salad to pumpkin soup. And they even have various local fresh fruits and dessert cakes (mostly brownies).
Various Indonesian home cooked dishes..
Desserts table.
Everything is so cheap, we could even refill mineral water for IDR 1000 !
What we ate...yumm...
I had so many food while we were there and I only paid IDR 16,000!. ..and oh, btw they don't have cashier so we paid by putting the money in a glass jar that they provide on the tables. So be honest and count your meal before finishing it!, make sure you do it right :)
Put your money on the jar please..
Warung 9 also hosts cooking classes (for IDR 200K from 9 AM to 12 PM) and I think also painting class, because there was a lady that painted a canvas while we ate there.

We had lovely afternoon here and definitely recommend this place.

Another vegetarian restaurant that we had in Ubud was the famous Alchemy. Read my review on Alchemy later here.

Warung 9 (in front of Tanah Tho Gallery)
Jl. Lohtunduh, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
M: +62 817-776-768


  1. restorannya lucu ya.. tapi sayangnya kok vegetarian. hahaha. secara di bali gitu lho... :P

    1. hihihi...iya kalo di Ubud sih banyak man resto vegan gitu memang, secara kayaknya pengaruh populernya Eat Pray Love juga deh jadi makin menjamur...

  2. Suka ama desain warung nya, wajib mampir kalo ke ubud. Tapi aku agak galau kalo makan vegan, terbiasa makan daging ayam pasti ntar hilang rasa hehehe

    1. iya gw juga ngga biasa makan protein nabati doang, tapi sama sayur sih suka cuma kalo harus ninggalin telor, keju, ikan, wah agak susah tuh..hihihi

  3. pernah makan resto vegitarian di kelapa gading, dan rasanya itu nanggung gitu loh var... enak tapi ga enak2 bgt hahahahaa..;p nanggung lah pokoknya... makanya mw nyobain resto veggie lg, rada mikir2... eh tp baca alchemy td, aku msh lbh rada tertarik mw cobain yg alchemy drpd warung9 ini..


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