Our stay at Puri Rinjani Bungalows, Lombok

During our 11th Anniversary trip, we stayed at this Puri Rinjani Bungalows for our last night in Kuta Lombok right after our 2 nights stay at Pantai South Lombok Villas.
To be honest, I did not put high expectation for this hotel when I saw its page on Agoda. I was actually eyeing to stay at Kies Villa and I did not remember why then I ended up booking Puri Rinjani instead. The location is strategically in front of the beachwalk of Lombok's Kuta beach (need to cross Kuta mainstreet though), one could enjoy beautiful sunset by the beach with various food vendors nearby.

The place is suitable if you want a laid-back ambiance and not too expensive (or wasting your money while you go out exploring the whole day leaving the room behind), which were the reasons why I opted out Novotel on our list, as we wanted to explore more the island rather than spent a whole day in an expensive room (ehem, you know what I meant riteee?!).

But if you're family with small children, your best bet is still Novotel Kuta Lombok as you probably don't need to put up much effort to entertain them if you stay there.
Btw, apparently carrying 1 medium luggage and 1 backpack plus one passenger on the back of a motorbike is actually not a feasible thing to do, but somehow we managed to put our stuffs (and ourselves) onto the motorbike and moved out from Pantai South Lombok Villas to Puri Rinjani Bungalows.

We had passed by Puri Rinjani Bungalows several times while we were staying at Pantai South Lombok Villas, and frankly, we did not looking forward to stay there as they're renovating their hotel faćade and it looked like an overrun establishment.

Indeed it was waaay cheaper than Pantai South Lombok Villas (obviously if its rates compared to Novotel's, it would be like apple and watermelon...ha!), so like I said; we did not expect more. We got our Deluxe room in Puri Rinjani Bungalows from Agoda around IDR 500K ++ but I still have Agoda points to redeem thus we ended up paid only about IDR 160K *grinning*.

Well, the first turn-off was, they do not have reception desk (yet), due to the renovation. So when arrived we were greeted by their security guy and then he called the hotel staff, a bit awkward situation as we just stood there with our luggages and helmet still intact to our heads, hahaha.
Later, we did the check-in at the pool bar!..however they nicely provided very refreshing welcome drinks by the pool.

But the turn-off part has switched 180° as we entered their garden..they have big trees and flower bushes around, with lovely view of their pool, the ambiance was soothing, relaxing and we could even heard birds chirping!. We LOVED it immediately...and we even loved it more when we saw our designated room/bungalow.
Their lovely garden.
Top pic: the colomn on the right side is our bungalow.
Top pic: Our bungalow on the right.
Below: View from our bungalow.
Big smile appeared as we got the Pool view bungalow!!. Apparently it does matter if you put notes such as :
"This is our anniversary and we do hope we could enjoy your nicest room as the highlight of our trip"
on the request form when you booked the hotel..and indeed I think it's the nicest room that they have.
Hubby was enjoying the view from our bungalow.
We liked the room/bungalow than ours in Pantai South Lombok Villas, especially me, with the bathroom area which is completely indoor (I have always this vivid imagination that someone might have been peeking while I was in the shower of a semi-outdoor bathroom). The bathroom shower is nicer with adjustable water pressure on the shower-head. However they should have provided more than 1 bathmat as we dripped the room floor from our swimming as we hurried to take shower. The toiletries are not provided as we hoped, but we have always carry ours wherever we go (there is certain someone that only wants to take shower with DOVE shower gel *sigh* -to note, this is not paid post by Unilever, however I am open for the opportunity of endorsing the brand, hahahaha).
indoor bathroom.
Also, we really enjoyed our bungalow terrace, especially that we have a hammock and a reclining wooden chair on our terrace..we're so easily entertained by those 2 simple things..hahaha. 
Hubby was even fell asleep on hammock for an hour or so while I was busy unpacking, ..hmmfft, Men... They do have simple minds.
The chair is a bit too big for me and there were a lot of dead ants on the floor, probably they forgot to sweep them after cleaning the room.
Hubby was actually fell asleep (and snored) when I took this pic :)
The room is quite spacious, as it actually better called as bungalow, because it's not really next to the other room. The aircon is colder  than our room in Pantai South Lombok Villas (we didn't realize it before when we stayed there, I thought the days were just too hot).
They provide better amenities too, such as hairdryer, mineral waters, colder refrigerator, hotel sandals. They have more channels on their tv cable.
The bed is nice and pillows are fluffy just like I liked them.
Inside our bungalow in Puri Rinjani.
The swimming pool is bigger than Pantai South Lombok Villas, nicer and cleaner. They provide swimming noodles and giant float. A swimming noodle is a flexible, tube-shaped (usually pretty long, about 1,5 meter)  flotation device that you can wrap under your arms or around your waist to keep you buoyant so that you can keep moving in the water. 
Mastering the swimming noodle.
This is the first time we tried on the swimming fun, we actually recorded a video on me, made a fool of myself by giving instruction on how to use swimming noodles, it's pretty funny, unfortunately it's not for public viewing (said my blog censorship officer aka Hubby).

Oh.. there were 2 disappointments though; 
1) Their breakfast is mediocre. They provided menu to choose between Indonesian/american/continental breakfast but I don't think their food is their forte. I would prefer to have breakfast again at Discovery Cafe for their sandwich and Lombok coffee. Just remind myself to opt for no breakfast option if I want to book for a room here again.

2) Their wife wifi connection is pretty bad. We had trouble connecting to network. Sometimes it says "Connected", but it was just false alarm..very slow connection.
The husband might thinking about what is the password of his 'WIFE"!!.
psstt...don't tell him.
However, from our stay in Puri Rinjani Bungalows, if you don't mind not staying at the notorious Novotel (and  don't mind not being "must be stay at a beachfront hotel") during your visit to Kuta Lombok, Puri Rinjani Bungalows is recommended.
And oh nearby this hotel, there is also Kuta Paradise hotel that looks new and promising.

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Puri Rinjani Bungalows
Jl. Raya Pantai Kuta Lombok
Nusa Tenggara Barat
Ph : (0370) 6154849

Puri Rinjani Bungalows

Jl. Raya Pantai Kuta LombokNusa Tenggara BaratIndonesia


  1. Setelah liat poto2 inih, rasanya ingin lagih ke lombok, tapi malas... (ini maksudnya apa sih komen ga jelas hihihi)

    1. hahaha...ayooo cuss ke lombok juga pengen balik lg, ngga bosennnn

  2. Not bad ya... Hotel yg bener2 beachfront di area itu cuma Novotel ya sepertinya? Gw paling next year ke Lombok bawa si Baby along. Prinsip gw abis 6 bulan Baby musti di kenalin naik pesawat dan liburan ke pantai :P

    1. iyah, tadinya gw juga menolak kenyataan itu dengan kekeuh sumekeuh mosok iya kaga ada selain dese. Eh ternyata emang ga ada.
      Ada sih jauh di pantai Bumbang nyaris deket teluk Awang namanya Jeeva Beloam, gugel deh

  3. haha, istri ada passwordnyaaaaa

    1. iyaa itu tulisan hotel staff nya sewaktu gueh nanya password wifinya apa dihotel itu, dikasihnya begitu...hahaha ngakak

  4. gak digembok aja tuh sekalian wife nya :-))

    1. Ho'oh seharusnya dirantai emang biar ga pecicilan..hihihi

  5. Ish...knapa ya gak ada yg bangun villa beachfront di lombok. Segitu banyak pantainya dan bagus2 padahal #masihgakterima

    1. Pak ebos suruh invest dong pun ..beli tanah beachfront trus bangun villa..kicik aja lah buat kita2...hahaha gedon abeesss


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