Another Lombok Trip for our 11th Anniversary

Yuhu...Time flies so fast. It seems just a few months ago we celebrated our 10th Anniversary to Bali and then.. poof... tomorrow is actually our 11th !. What have we accomplished from last year as a couple?. Well, there are always the ups and down but we managed to get through them, the notorious baby program is still going on, although I have been very lazy to write about all the details on our other blog.
Chillin' overdosed free breakfast at Citibank Airport Lounge.
Btw, we were waiting for our flight in the Citibank airport lounge (the one next to Mandiri's. And their Rawon dish is actually delicious) when I wrote this blog post, and we had an hour or so, to spend here. We arrived at CGK sooner than we planned, it was only 20 minutes from our home to Cengkareng airport via Jakarta Outer ringroad and no traffic at all at 7.30 AM. Ah-mah-zing.
Earlier today, drafting this blog post.
Lombok is our destination for our 11th anniversary trip. So this would marked our 3rd time of spending our anniversary on the island, hahaha, talk about being creative huh?. I just realized we kept choosing either Lombok/Bali/Singapore to spend our anniversary. Not so creative indeed. 

This would be my 8th visit to Lombok (actually I am not so sure, I lost count after the 3rd one, could be more). But usually we (or I) spent times on the north side of the island; Senggigi, the 3 gilies, Mataram, and last time we stayed at Sekotong area at Cocotinos Resort for our 9th anniversary, it was very recommended beachfront property and you could take a boat trip to Gili Nanggu.

For this trip our flight is Garuda Indonesia, bought on September last year during the Garuda Travel Fair, it was very cheap! Only around IDR 1 mio-ish for return tickets and in total for both of us!. Being a bargain hunter, how could I resist such a promotion?!. I bought the 5.45 PM flight, GA 434, it's earliest flight bound to LOP (Lombok International Airport) from Jakarta, but a few weeks ago, I got SMS from Garuda, informing that the schedule was changed into 10.50 AM and it will be GA 430. Then yesterday I got call from Garuda, confirming my schedule and I asked why the schedule was changed, then the officer told me that the first flight doesn't meet its minimum seat quota to fly out, so they put the morning flier to the next flight. I thought I might get upset if this happened on a business trip which requires early flight. 

Also, there is new policy from Garuda that we can only check in online by 12 hours before our departure time (old policy allowed us to online check in 24 hours prior to the departure time). Meaning, for our 10 AM flight, we can only check in after 10 PM the night before. I don't think they had their customers on their mind while creating the policies, really inconvenient.

However although I bought the flight ticket months ago, I was procrastinated about choosing the hotel. I was thinking about Novotel Kuta resort, as I planned to explore only South Lombok area instead of going North as per usual. But being anti mainstream, I hesitated to book a room in chain hotel although I have Accorhotel membership. The other option is Villa Sempiak at Selong Belanak beach, which from the website seems has very breathtaking view. Unfortunately, thanks to my procrastination *grinning*, it's already fully booked during our chosen time, tried few hotel search engine, it doesn't have many supporting hotel booker sites, people seems direct booking to the resort management.

Then I jotted down to Kies Villa and   Puri Rinjani, both are not on the beachfront nor has beach view but I like their pics. But then I got a very hectic week, then just 4 days before today (our departure flight) that I stumbled upon Pantai South Villa which seems nice and cozy, typical (might be) underrated hotel..I am not sure but I like the picture they shown on their website

Yes, I would like to try our luck...hahaha. Long story short, it was just yesterday I booked a room at Pantai South Villa for 2 nights and Puri Rinjani for 1 night.

The itinerary is no itinerary, hahaha. But I keep list on my mind that we would like to rent a motorbike from the villa and explore Kuta beach, Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan, Mawi and Mawun beach...or maybe someyhinf else would come up. And I read somewhere that our period in Lombok, they celebrate Festival Bau Nyale!...yeay.

Anyone has a good idea to eat or explore around South Lombok? Let us know!...see you later.

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  1. Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary Mbak….. Please keep posting your travel journal here. I am a loyal reader, but sometimes I did not leave any footprint (comment).

    Have you visited the sindang gile waterfalls in Lombok?

    1. Hi cipu...thank u..akupun sering baca blogmu..cuma kayaknya lg hiatus ya udah lama ga posting lg..aku kok ga liat postinfan baru lg di feed?

  2. Congrats ya..11thn sudah..semoga langgeng...
    Ih..iri sama yang jalan2 terus...
    selamat menikmati lombok kembali...he he he...

    1. Hehehe..makasih mbak monica ..amin yra.
      Ih ngga terus2an kok mbak..udah sebulan lebih dari terakhir pergi kan..hahaha ..pembenaran

  3. Happy anniversary yaaaa... And have fun in Lombok!

  4. Happy wedding anniversary you two !

  5. Happy weeding kakak ... eh novotel kuta lucu lho hahaha

    1. thank youu..iya hooh, udah 2x nginep disono business trip jaman pantai kuta belom sengetop sekarangan...hik hik

  6. Happy anniversary ya, langgeng terus:) Dan ditunggu postingan anniversary trip nya:D

    1. Thank u...iya ni lg ngumpulin semangat nulisnya...makasi ya


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