Thing that I missed out this year: Jember Fashion Carnaval 2013 !

Remember when I posted about how sometimes I could be so unfortunate, unable to go to my planned vacation because I have other important thing to do, probably because of my career is on the line?. This is one of them.
So after being planned so meticulously by my dear friend Lilies, whom also the one that had the idea (and initiatives to prepare) for us to go to Jember Fashion Carnaval this year. But then, I must withdrawn my participation to go with them only by one day before departure. Uhm.. was not even one day but more like few hours before, as my supposed flight was actually less than 12 hours after I decided not to go.
Reasons why I canceled, I have important meeting on Monday morning, while our flight back to Jakarta is on Monday noon. I could not afford to have another leave as the work lately were very demanding. Also, I am still in the middle of my dry - irritating cough after our Lebaran getaway, I am so not feeling well. I was also worry that if I still tag along to Jember, I could not be able to wake up the next day. I spent the last 2 days to think any solutions for me to go back home earlier, but then the financial damage would be bigger than if I cancelled out. Not to mention; too tiring and timely ineffective, as I would also need to spend time to prepare my presentation for Monday while I were there.
So physically I could be in Jember but my mind is still on my work presentation.
To add, Lolo - our other friend who supposed to tag along, also cancelled out due to similar reason with me. Then I thought it would be easier for me just not to go. However, I would like to share the hoy of this year Jember Fashion Carnaval through some beautiful pictures taken by my 2 lovely ladies who are kind enough to have me using their photos from the event to be shared here :
Bamboo theme.
Jember Fashion Carnaval  is a major event held in a small city in East Java, called Jember. It is about 3-4 hours drive from Malang, the nearest city that has airport and could also be reach by roadtrip from Surabaya, the capital of East Java. 

This year is the 12th Jember Fashion Carnaval, held from 23-25 August 2013 with this year theme is " Artechsion ( Art meet Technology and Illusion ) " which displayed 10  defile themes ; Tibet, Betawi, Bamboo, Art deco, Octopus, Canvas, Tribe, Spider and Venice. Prior to the fashion carnaval, there was also JFC International Exhibition which displaying Painting Exhibition, Photo Exhibition and Culinary Exhibition from 20 - 25 August 2013. 

What is actually amazed me is the fact that Jember Fashion Carnaval is considered as the fourth biggest carnaval in the world after Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro Carnaval in Brazil, and Fastnatchkoln in Germany. Having about 3.6 kilometres public road as the runway, this JFC is also a fashion show with the longest catwalk in the world, how about that?. It is so cool for a small city which does not even have any direct flights from Indonesia's capital city.

Art deco theme.
Beetle theme.
Have you ever wonder who is the man behind the creative idea to come up with such a international worth mentioning?. No it is not a tourism board person. Not even a government officials. He is a fashion designer, Dynand Fariz that initiated a fashion show at first to celebrate the anniversary of  the town of Jember in 2003, then turned it into a world class carnaval , since then JFC has grown to be one of the notorious annual event in Indonesia. Here is a picture of the creator in front of some L-Men finalist, taken by my dear friend Lilies :
Dynand Fariz (front).
Thank you so much for Lilies for her time arranging the trip, booked our flights and transportation. Also to Yuli for booking the hotel, cleared up the booking mess with 
Also thank you for your understanding my very last minute cancellation, keep posted me with these beautiful pictures on Path and our WhatsApp group, and last but not least thank you for allowing me to put your pictures of the Jember Fashion Carnaval 12 on this blog, so I could share the wonderful event to our reader although I could not go.

Hopefully next year we are able to go together to the upcoming JFC (and many other destinations).

PS: to be fair to all of us; I still have to pay the room and the cars, 
not too mention my earlier flight booking.

Well, I guess..see you next year at Jember Fashion Carnaval 13. I would really want to come after seeing these beautiful pictures. Anyone? :)

Photo credit :
Jember Fashion Carnaval poster from here.
All other photos are courtesy from Amaryllis Esti W., except Bamboo Theme is by Yuliana Biantoro.
All rights are reserved for the photo owners not this blog owner.


  1. Vari... thanks for sharing our stories. I personally would like to give BIG THANK YOU for Mas Hamdan from JFC office for giving us free ticket so we could watch inside alun-alun area. It was very kind of him.

    One thing we learn here: book the JFC tickets in advance. Or else, you would not enjoy the convinience watching the carnival in alun-alun.

    We certainly will go next year!!! And of course with you, vari :) Book the leave in advance and ensure no meeting whatsoever on the following Monday.

    1. Eehh coba yaa...meetingnya bukan gw yg arrangeee deehhh
      Kalo gw udah tau itu namanya bukan terpaksa ga ikutdeeh


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