Trip to Legoland Malaysia

We posted about LEGOLAND®  this year opening news on this blog and at that time didn't have any immediate plans to visit it at anytime soon.Until one day, I received email from Air Asia, a reminder of our flight to Singapore for last weekend (12-14/10). Apparently I bought them on last November!...jeez. What a coincidence, I saw a good deal from Groupon Singapore ( yes, being a frequent visitor of the country, I make the most of any discount offers from Singapore based Groupon too) for a day trip to LEGOLAND® 

It was only SGD 78 per pax for admission to LEGOLAND®  including 2 ways Coach transfer from Singapore to Johor Bahru, Dinner, trip to Chocolate Outlet and Aeon Supermall. I was tempted and I tried to buy them online, but (not very surprising)  they refused my payment using Indonesian credit card! . 

Then Kean Yew came to the rescue!, couldn't thank him enough for helping us to buy the Legoland deal voucher with his credit card!. Also after having a confirmation email from the tour agency, he helped us to pay the insurance too! because they need to be paid in cash, he is an angel!. 

Ok, It's all set then. LEGOLAND®, here we come!.

Our Legoland Tickets
To note, LEGOLAND® is not located in Singapore but it's actually located in Nusajaya, Johor - Malaysia, and to get there from Singapore is quite easy just drive to the 2nd link bridge and pass the Tuas immigration.
Probably it takes less than an hour to reach it from Singapore (if immigration is not that busy)

The itinerary given was pretty clear, on Saturday (13/10/12) we have to be at Newton Hawker Center at 7 am!. Having almost last flight from Jakarta (after a very long day of our house loan procedure at BTN Syariah), arrived at Kean Yew's apartment almost 11 pm, to wake up very early in the morning was a very challenging thing to do. 

We went back to sleep after the first alarm. Luckily I woke up for the second one. We left at 6.25am, took MRT from Tiong Bahru to Newton (interchanged at Raffle's Place) then walk a bit to Newton Food Center, I remembered the location precisely because it was the neighborhood of our friend Didit when he lived there at Clemenceau Avenue and we usually stayed at his apartment when we visit Singapore (for fun, not for business). 

It was 6.50 when we reached NFC. Oh no... Knowing these Singaporeans must be punctual people unlike Indonesians "Jam Karet", so yes, we were worried and started to run, actually there were about 7 other Singaporeans were running with us from Newton MRT, and we thought they're all coming for the same trip, it was Amazing Race look-alike situation. Hahaha.

Good thing was, they're not as punctual as we thought. Our bus is the number 9, and we have to exchange our receipt of insurance payment with our Legoland admission tickets. We sat just right behind the driver, no choice. 

We were the last one. And the driver was a bit over achiever, he likes to drive faster and lead the other buses, but he's nothing compare to Metromini's driver in Jakarta lah, he drives safely than them..hahaha.
Our breakfast kopi tiam
Departed on 7.20am, we reached Woodlands Check Point (Singapore immigration on North) around 8.15 am. Actually LEGOLAND® is closer if you take 2nd Link causeway (Tuas Check Point), because its location is actually not in the city of Johor Bahru but rather to the outskirt. Our bus took the Woodlands because we need to reach JB city center first before Legoland (it's not open yet until 10 am), we were dropped to get our breakfast at local kopi tiam (I have no idea whereabout). 

They separated the non halal and halal group, most people from our bus are halal. Hubby and I ordered the same menu ; Nasi Lemak, mine with egg while his with chicken and Teh Tarik. The Kopi Tiam also sells Roti Telur (looks like Martabak) and Fried Mee. Total order was RM 11. Not bad.

On itinerary it was supposed to Chocolate Outlet first before LEGOLAND® but then they changed it so we went straight to LEGOLAND® ..yeyy! Of course it doesn't make sense if we buy chocolate first, it could be melting during the day with no Air Con to preserve it.

We arrived at LEGOLAND® around 9.30 am, gate was still closed so we just took some pictures with the signage and gate surrounding. There was already a long queue to enter the theme park. We queued under direct sunlight without any UV protection (I forgot to bring my make up kit, so it was my bareskin being exposed, not even face powder to protect). Luckily hubby remembered that we borrowed KY's umbrella (again, our hero!) so we really make the most of it during the day, it was a really hot...and later; rainy day!.

Our bags were checked, food and drink from outside are not allowed. There are lockers to storage bags, with additional cost. They provide stroller (single and twin), baby daycare, mosque, and of course toilets.

At first, taking note from KY, we chose to visit Miniland as our first attraction. Miniland is INCREDIBLE AMAZING!!. they put all miniatures of famous landmarks from all over Asia, made from Lego blocks (of course). The details are breathtaking, from Malaysia side; they have KLIA airport, KLCC, Masjid Jamek and I forgot others, and my favorites are from Indonesia; they have made Pura Tanah Lot! OMG, also The Forbidden City from China. Singapore's Eye is also my favorite along with Taj Mahal - India. Amazing..I couldn't imagine how these people put all these LEGOs together to create such amazing small miniature landmarks like this! insaneee!!...and the cutest thing is, some miniature of buses, aircrafts, cars, boats, ships can even move around, using a certain rail under ground/water!.
hubby busy taking pictures of everything

super cute mini Tanah Lot !!

Mini Singapore's eye

Mini Barongsai in front of  Mini Forbidden City

Even that bus can move around!

hubby and the Malay LEGO family

Btw it was so hot during the day, maybe because this park is pretty new, the trees haven't grow yet, although they do provide several shelter for us to sit. Although later during the day, it was raining pretty hard and there are not many places to serve as rain shelter (good thing is they sell raincoats and umbrellas), so when we got caught by rain, all the restaurants and cafes were very crowded with people trying to stay dry.
The park map
Other than Miniland, Legoland is actually consists of several areas ; The Beginning, Imagination, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdom, Lego Adventure and Lego City. See details in here.
As we didn't exactly bought LEGOLAND® ticket on this group trip so here is the ticket price range taken from their website :
TicketReg. price
Online (7-Days Advance Booking)
1-Day Ticket Adult (12-59)
RM 140RM 105
1-Day Ticket Child (3-11)
RM 110RM 82.50
1-Day Ticket Senior (60+)
RM 110RM 82.50

At 11.00 am, we rushed to Imagination 4D Lego Studios to watch Speedracer 4D show. It was quite entertaining, we were given a 3D glasses as usual, the movie went on like the usual 3D movie and the other "D" factor later was actually special effect that we can experience on our seat such as : cold wind, dash of water sprinkled to us etc.

They have 4 movie shows a day with different show time. The movie that we watched were actually an animation, which kinda flop for us, there are no dialogue but maybe the movie is more suitable for kids. 

Picture on left are the schedule of shows from Lego Studio and City stage.

 There is also an Observation Tower at Imagination area, but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to ride it since it was raining and the ride didn't open during rain.

Also, like any other theme parks in this world, they have train that circling the park and we can get on it, but the queue at LEGO Grand Central was so long, so I just crossed out our Lego train ride and instead we went to City Stage show "Loudest Shout", basically it's an educational show for kids about what kind of dangerous items that you could found around our home, which is actually a great show, they also have acrobatic and some magic trick on the show.

LEGO Train
"Loudest Shout" show
Then we went to Land of Adventure theme, wanna go to Dino Island but unfortunately the ride was broken (after we queued about 30 minutes!), so we went to other rides which was Merlin's Challenge at Lego Kingdom theme. The ride was spinning so hard even hubby wanted to throw up!. 

There are 2 Coasters at this are but we didn't ride any (well, hubby wanted to, but it was raining later). Other roller coasters are at Lego Technic area. 

As for Lego City is basically the area for younger children (age about 3-8 years). oh, there is a cool thing they have around the wet area, they provide : Body Dryer!! how cool is that? just stand there, push the button and it will dry your wet clothes!. Uber cool, check out below; warm wind will be blowing from top, right and left wall.
The Body Dryer !
There are many game stalls there which give away dolls or other gimmicks, and hubby (being a gentlemen he is), wanted to win a game which give away a gigantic cow doll as its prize!, all he has to do just inserted 2 rubber balls from 3 rubber balls that we need to pay for RM 6. Unfortunately we were not that lucky to win the game. So we left the premise without a single prize, hiks.
Cow, Angry birds, Spongebob and games !
The market restaurant
We had a very late lunch, since it was raining, everybody went to restaurants to eat and stay dry, which made all restaurants and cafes very crowded. We queued at 2 different cafes but then over a misunderstanding, ended up at another restaurant which is the biggest restaurant in the park; The Market restaurant. 

The rain stopped but not for that long for us to get on a coaster ride, so we went to seek for a mosque (prayer room) instead. Good thing of going to Malaysia, you can always find a nice mosque around. 

The rain was falling pretty hard, and we need to be at our bus pick up around 3.30 PM and it was 3 PM when we did our shopping at the Big Shop (which basically we only bought 2 T-Shirts for hubby and his friend).
The BIG Shop
Couldn't help not to take this raincoat family picture :)
We left LEGOLAND® round 4 PM and went to our next stop in our itinerary (which included on this trip package) a Chocolate store (or 'Factory' as  written in our itinerary), we greeted by a lady who gave us a free tiny cup of ice chocolate, during a rainy day like this, a hot chocolate could have been better, hahaha beggar doesn't get to choose, right? :) we only spent about 15 minutes to look around, nothing special to see and bought nothing, even hubby the chocolate lover were not tempted by all the chocolate merchandises that they sell. 
We don't even remember the Chocolate store's name and didn't even bother to take picture of its front signage.
The Chocolate store
Next to visit ;Aeon - Bukit Indah mall. It's just a regular big mall with Jusco supermarket on it, we went inside and bought a sunblock, moisturizer and compact powder for me and 2 sausages (which later at the cashier, they were the most expensive sausage I've ever ate, RM 36 for both of them!). Also I did manage to shop at Padini Store, bought a T-Shirt for only RM 9.

Other items that we bought; Kellog dessert bar - berry cheesecake, RM 11  we bought one box which has 6 dessert bars and got a free cornflakes mini box. Hubby also bought peeled coconut juice RM 4, very refreshing!.

Last stop : Dinner!. Another good thing about this tour operator, for our lunch and dinner, they have separated restaurants to go to for moslem and non moslem tour participants. Moslem participants went dinner at Rama Steamboat, all dinner costs were included to our package. But later we saw the price range for each person to dine in here :
  • Adult RM 20
  • Child below 9: RM 9
  • Child 9-15 ; RM 14
Very good, good range of variety from seafood (shrimp, squid, fish, clams), chicken, beef, sausages, meatballs, veggies, eggs (chicken and quail), drinks in many option; water, ice lemon tea, grape juice, lime juice, orange juice, sodas (coke, sprite, fanta) even dessert ( ice stick) !. Such a good deal!.
Happy belly!

Back to spore around 8 PM. Went back via the same immigration checkpoint and dropped off at Newton food center.


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