Belitong : A Revisit

turqoise beach indeed!
Last weekend we went to Belitong (or Belitung); a second visit for me and a first one for hubby and the rest of our small entourage ; Lilis and hubby; Irvan, and Yuli.

This time I arranged it myself although I do have accomplice to help me sorting out the transportation, accomodation, food etc ;
Initially Lolo should join this trip but apparently that weekend was her nephew's birthday, so she backed out. Although it would be perfect room arrangement if she could have joined us. The irony is; this getaway was actually Lolo's idea. Sorry hun..we tried to work on this trip schedule for earlier weekend but the participants were only just 3 of us, maybe because it was such a very short notice.

Budget for this trip was not defined as a backpacker trip since we picked out a decent hotel to stay, I actually listed down these following choices based on preference to stay;

Us at the Hanandjoeddin airport - Tanjung Pinang

- Grand Hatika : quite newly opened, very near to Tanjung Pendam (the city's beach). Rates about IDR 600-700K/night.
- Biliton hotel : modern and located just in city center. Rates about IDR 500-600K/night
- Grand Pelangi ; pretty new and modern look, although not in city but not as far as Lor In, Bukit Berahu or Kelayang Beach Cottages, my other options. Rates about IDR 450-500K/night.

At the end I chose the last one ; Grand Pelangi for our hotel. I read good reviews on this hotel and considering its rate compares to its facility and location. We proved that the hotel is good, clean although preferable if they could provide clothes hanger for outside room.

For flight, I have arranged with Sriwijaya Airlines, their first flight from Jakarta is 06.20 AM would be perfect start for our weekend getaway. Same goes with the return flight, I chose 07.50 AM from Tanjung Pandan, although for both of us I chose another flight after the first schedule but then we got delayed twice, causing we reached Jakarta at 2.30 PM instead of before lunch time !!!.

Air ticket was IDR 820-850K for each person, return. A bit more expensive than a week before when I searched online. I just noticed, if you buy for 4 persons (maximum number of persons to choose in Sriwijaya's web to buy online ticket), price per pax would be a lot more expensive than if you buy it lesser than 4 persons, so I devided 2 batches to buy our tickets ; hubby and I then Lilis-Irvan and Yuli.

As I mentioned earlier, I have to arrange also the transportation; car including driver and gasoline, food (lunch and dinner), boat, entry tickets to visiting sites, and itinerary (for the last one actually I prefer the Photographer package that they have instead of other packages ;The Lighthouse, Honeymoon, Laskar Pelangi (based on shooting location and setting of the famous Laskar Pelangi movie and book),which I joined earlier in 2009. 

There are also public trip for Photographer, Laskar Pelangi and Lighthouse package which are cheaper than our private trip package. Per person for our privat trip was IDR 1,550K not including tips for driver and boat man (which we also gave them because they provide such excellent service). 

We appreciated our guide (also driver) ; Pak Iwan, who is very supportive, accomodative, helpful and polite. We could not thank him enough to him for making our weekend such an enjoyable trip. Our food was always delicious, even the snacks and our lunch meal in boxes where we went island hopping, we never run out of drink, mineral water always provided, even the ice cold ones and coconuts drink during the island hopping trip. 

We love our clean, small but spacious boat, the boat for our own. Pak Iwan and the boat man (I forgot his name, sorry) took us the best locations during the island hopping trip and most of them were not the crowded ones so we could enjoy ourselves. 

Also during our land trip, Pak Iwan took us to beautiful, secluded beaches and places which were so not crowded that felt like our own beach :) or this time was not really a high season? I don't really know because last time I was in Belitung was on March 2009 and it was pretty crowded everywhere.

I would like to tell more about our Belitung on our posts later, just be patience, so lazy to write on these days . How about pitctures of Belitung from our Itinerary? :)
Sunrise at Kaolin Lake
Kaolin Lake

These granite rocks formation looked like bird head


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