Ullen Sentalu ; Javanese Art and Culture Museum

Ullen Sentalu's admission tickets
While in Jogja, we managed to visit some interesting places. One of them that we would like to share on this blog is Ullen Sentalu. Located in Kaliurang Highland (going North from Jogja's city center, heading to Merapi Mountain.

I was here few years ago with friends, but didn't managed to finish up the museum tour at the time and Hubby has never been there yet, so we thought it would be a good idea to visit it together this time.
We took a cab to go there, although we wanted to rent a motorbike or a car, but we couldn't find any that available in a short notice. From our hotel (Grage Ramayana at Sosrowijayan street, Malioboro area), trip to Ullen Sentalu, which is in Kaliurang-highland, north from Jogja's city center, is actually quite far. We left hotel around 10.30 AM and took us about an hour and a half to get there, taxi driver was also not quite familiar with the area we're heading so we stopped couple times to ask locals. By the time we reached there it was almost 11 AM, the taxi meter showed us IDR 78,000,- and we had to ask the taxi driver to wait for us because the area is not easy to find a new cab.
We bought the museum tickets, IDR 25,000,- per pax including the museum tour 50 minutes duration and refreshment drink. We waited about 5 minutes for our tour guide; a lovely and fun lady names Fafa (who is not a Javanese but she comes from Medan - I don't know why I'm telling you, this is such a random information..hahaha). They provide small group tour (5 persons each group) for each tour time.
Ullen Sentalu is an art and culture museum that focused in Javanese heritage/history, especially about the kingdom of Mataram which includes.both Jogjakarta (Hamengkubuwono) and Surakarta/Solo (Paku Alam), please google as I tried so hard to elaborate the history here :).
For us, the history of the kingdom is quite entertaining because the ancestor of my in laws actually originated from Hamengkubuwono VII 's blood lines. Not very sure how, even Hubby has difficulty to elaborate the family tree when the tour guide asked him the details (hmm...of course).

The Museum is very well maintained, perhaps because it runs by private sector, a foundation named Yayasan Ulating Blencong which consists of several notable royalties and high profiles such as: I.S.K.S. Paku Buwono XII, KGPAA Paku Alam VIII, GBPH Poeger, GRAy Siti Nurul Kusumawardhani, Ibu Hartini Soekarno, and KP. dr. Samuel Wedyadiningrat, Sp.(B). K.(Onk). This long list of names was taken from their website. I am not that smart :)

The museum has many rooms that we visited as following order :
  • Ruang Selamat Datang (Welcoming area) - where we greeted by a Dewi Sri statue, 
  • Ruang Seni Tari dan Gamelan (Art of Javanese Dance and Music room), 
  • Guwa Sela Giri, 
  • 5 rooms at Kampung Kambang, 
  • Retja Landa corridor
  • Ruang Budaya (Cultural area).
Most rooms are air-conditioned and well-cleaned, although one thing that I don't like about it; they forbid us to take pictures, even in outdoor area, and there are only few places in the museum area that you may take pictures. I am not sure why. Even we couldn't take picture while in corridors, in between room to room.
Taking a break with ratu mas drink
After 30 minutes of tour, Fafa gave us the refreshment drink, which is Ratu Mas (see picture above) : a secret recipe tradiotional beverage made by one of the Queen .... (are you kidding? Of course I forgot her name), people said those who drink it will stay young (come and see me in 10 years to find out, ok?). It tastes quite nice; there's a hint of green bean juice, ginger, brown sugar, and...surprisingly I like it.
There is also a Museum Shop (Putri Malu shop) nearby the exit gate, it sells a handmade Batik clothes, textiles and other Ullen Sentalu's original merchandise, overpriced as usual, but I'm certain the quality is worthed. Above the Shop, there is a Dutch (European) restaurant named Beukenhof, and so had our lunch there. Here is the review from our lunch there.
So we spent exactly an hour and a half in Ullen Sentalu (including about 40 minutes lunch at Beukenhof), taxi meter added another IDR 140,000,- to our cab fare...huffhuff..
Us at Ullen Sentalu's iconic tilted wall

We headed back to city and then rushed to Airport to catch our 3.45 PM flight by Air Asia. But we managed to stop by at Bakpia Java, just before Airport, bought some snacks to bring home. Total cab fare was IDR 290,000,- in total for a less than 6 hours trip. It was almost the same as if we rent a car for 12 hours. So I recomended you to rent a car as earlier as possible when you're visiting Jogjakarta, especially on weekend.

Ullen Sentalu's Address:
Jl Boyong Kaliurang,

Opening Hours :
8.30 am – 04.00 pm.
Open Daily on Tuesday-Sunday.
Closed on Monday.

Admission ticket:
Domestic tourist : IDR 25,000,-.
International tourist US $ 5.00/ Rp 50,000,-.

  • Preferable to bring car. Taxi and or public transportation is not easy to find or possibly not available.
  • Bring umbrella.
  • If you have sensitive skin, put up your sunblock and/or mosquito repellent.
  • Bring cash to pay for admission.
  • Come at around earlier of the hour so you don't have to wait for long, because you can't go enter the museum by yourself, you have to be accompanied by the tour guide. Tour available for 50 minutes each, included to admission fee.
  • Bring mineral water or snack just in case.


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