Jogja by Train

Queue at Gambir Station
The Husband is taking a business trip to Jogja and he kept asking whether I want to join him over this weekend. So tonight I decided to go to Jogja without hesitation, after back and forth trying to find the cheapest flight to go there (Air Asia for IDR 780K one way?? I rather go to Singapore), and finally I decided to go straight to the train station to buy tonight's seat to Jogja!. I have checked PT Kereta Api Indonesia's website for several days but it stated : No more tickets for this weekend.

So I was giving up the option to go by train until this afternoon I talked to Rieka about it and she suggested to call 021121 because usually there could be additonal seats for last minute buying.
My last minute train ticket to Jogja
I called them and confirmed there are about 40 seats available for Argo Lawu departs on 8PM tonight. Yeyy!!.
Since Rieka planned to go to Bandung by Argo Parahyangan tonight, so she and I were heading to Gambir station together by cab, which by the way to get one in Friday night is kinda a disastrous thing to do.

Anyway long story short, she didn't get any tickets, they all run out for Bandung while I was persistent to queue although according to information that I called to ask; there are no more seats available to Jogja for tonight.

After half an hour diligently queueing on Counter #8 for Argo Lawu (Yogya/Solo), I got myself a seat!! Yeyy.. For almost half price than I could pay for Air Asia's seat!.

So here I am on the running train, heading to Jogja myself, wearing my only dress, no clothes, no jacket, no toothbrush, just to meet my dear husband :)

Click here to get your cheaper seat on KAI's train.


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