Singapore Trip : Weekend for Annie!

Annie show - Girls
Last weekend trip was actually my bday present from Lolo, my BFF. She is very rich you know, she owns a PR consulting firm, which has a lot of prominent brands on her list of clienteles. And of course, being the owner, not only money - she has a lot of time to spare and splurge. Almost every weekend she goes for a vacation, I am envy her so much. Hahahhahaa. Anyway she was kind enough to finance my bday trip to Singapore over the weekend, to see Annie show at Marina Bay Sands. So exciting right?.

We depart on Friday night, by Jetstar (only USD 200 for both of us, return flights), flight number VF206 at 21.35. Hubby took us to airport, there was a bit of drama earlier when he failed to pick us on time at my office, instead of 6pm (like he usually does), this time around-when I need him to be punctual, he picked me up at 6.45pm!. I was so furious since it was Friday night, traffic is mostly the heaviest during this particular time. Fortunately we arrived at airport pretty soon, although there was slightly traffic just before entering the airport. 

We checked in (Terminal 2D) and went to AnW to get some light dinner. Flight was on time, and we even arrived in Singapore 20 minutes earlier than scheduled (around 00.05 am) but we came out from airport late because Lolo needs to get herself a cough medicine at Pharmacy. KY is very kind, he even picked us to airport with his car.  After countless trip to Singapore for years, I can say; this is the very first time someone pick me up at Changi, with a personal car!!, hahahahhaa, thank you so much.

We're going to stay at his apt during the weekend. He lives in Tiong Bahru area, so close to the Tiong Bahru Plaza and MRT station, very convenient. Got there around 1.30am and went asleep at 2am. Next morning I woke up around 8am (means that was 7am in Jakarta time), feeling so excited and hungry at the same time, hahaha.

For the whole day on that Saturday, we went brunch to Hatched and impulsively went shopping to Johor (yes, it's no longer within country trip, but we extended it beyond Singapore, hahaha) to Johor Premium Outlets
Later in the afternoon, we rushed ourselves to Marina Sands bay to catch the Annie Show with Riana, Ricky (whom happened to be my new boss) and Takako (Lolo's Client). Our seats were so damn close to the stage, thanks to KY who helped us booking and upgrading them!, so different than our seats for Wicked show, hahahaha well, the difference would be SGD 90 gap!..hahahaha.

Our Annie show is actually just a day before its last show in Singapore.  Annie is a Broadway show/musical  tale about a red head orphan ; Annie who tries to escape the orphanage from the shackles of drunkard matron Miss Hannigan. Annie believes her parents are out there somewhere looking for her. After being chosen to spend Christmas with billionaire Oliver Warbucks, Annie begins to lighten up his life until he decides to adopt her, but not without Miss Hannigan’s conniving brother and his girlfriend who attempt to get Annie back because Warbucks offers rewarding money for the real Annie's parent.

I am very much appreciated the British comedy star Su Pollard as Miss Hannigan, which plays very well. Three young British actresses, Katie Howard, Charlie Hall and Ella Crossland, will take turns to play the role of Annie here, I am not sure which one that I saw during our show :) But there are also 3 local girls who play in this show, KY told me that they had an open casting for local girls to join the play. The one who plays as Molly (the youngest orphan) really stealing the show.

I was so hungry during the show, we didn't get much time to eat dinner before show. During the break we bought hot-dogs but I couldn't finish mine during such short time. The show finished at 10PM.
some pic from Lolo's cam
Then we went to Clarke Quay to meet up with KY's friends at this bar called :The Highlander. The place is a bit Irish, we had our own table, left over from KY's friends. They have live music show, which playing really great music. What I love the most; even though it's a resto and bar but the air is so clean, people are not allowed to smoke inside!..amazing, I love Singapore!. hahahaha. 

We ordered some finger-foods; chicken wings, fries etc. We stayed and have fun there until around 1 AM and then we went back to KY's.

Next day, not much to do aside from brunch at Wild Honey, Mustafa shopping and also went back to MBS to Sephora. Then we went to airport around 5PM to catch our 7PM flight home.

Thanks KY for the hospitality! :)


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