A Weekend Trip Back to Ujung Kulon

The group picture courtesy of Erick 

Yeeyy!! We're back to Ujung Kulon!.
Exciting trip! Although at first I was hesitated to join when hubby told me about his plan about going back  to Ujung Kulon with some of his officemates. To begin with; they chose a regular weekend to go, not the long weekend, thus less time to spend there. And it's a pretty long road trip to go, about 12 hours including the boat trip, one way!. I still remembered how awful the journey to reach Ujung Kulon on our first trip, the Elf was cramped by 13 people, I was barely slept.
But hubby told me it's gonna be different because they booked a bus for 20+ people, olrite, I am in then!.
I tagged Lolo along because I barely knew anyone else who willingly to join other office's "outing" event but her (and I), hihihi. I asked hubby whether anyone else would bring their spouses, apparently I am the only "crazy-wife-who-doesn't-have-anything-else-to-do" and also most of them are (seemed) singles...hihihi.
We gathered at hubby's office after office hour. We went to 7-11, stocked up our refreshments for the trip. The bus came around 8 PM. It was an AirCon bus with recyclining seats and we chose the best seats : at the front!, so our legs could get more space. We departed around 8.30 PM, a bit late from the initial agenda, our guide from OT (*initial) was the cause of the situation, little that we know at that time; this guide was just a stupid person whom tag along our trip instead of being a good guide. I will tell you later.

I took a motion sickness pill so I could sleep during the 7hours road trip, I usually wouldn't wake up, but this so-called guide who sat in front of me, was calling his friends almost every freakin' way, in the middle of the night, with his loud annoying voice, asking directions to his friend!!. .. He supposed to be the guide, right?!. He kept us awake with his loud irritating phone conversations, in Sundanese, which I understand very well that he didn't know at all how to get to Sumur - the port town where we're going!. I was an inch close to slap his head, tell him to shut his idiotic voice up. But I respect my husband that much not to do that. This is his office mate's trip, not mine. However, later on I know some of them shared the mutual frustation that night. After a couple times of wrong turns, we finally made it to reach Sumur. We were welcomed at Pak Something (yes, I forgot his name) house for a quick shower, Subuh praying and breakfast (menu: Nasi Uduk) then we went to the beach port. Until that point there was no particular clear instruction from our lovely guide rather than his random mumbling.
pic from Lolo Sianipar
We took a small boat to reach our wooden bigger boat, I thanked myself that I remembered to change my skinny jeans to a short brief because we needed to walk into this very dirty seawater toward the small boat, I didn't remember from our first trip that this beach port was this dirty. Anyhow, we sailed about 2 hours with the bigger boat to Peucang island where we spent the night.

Peucang island is such a beautiful island. We went there last time for snorkeling and missed the opportunity to spend nights here, because it was fully booked at the time. But during this weekend getaway, we got a chance to stay here! yeyy...The island has a pristine beach with clear blue coastal water and low tide, almost none at the time. Various species of wild animals are found in its forest,  "Peucang" is actually the local word for barking deer, as hundreds of barking deer are found in its dense tropical forest, along with other wild animals, like monkeys, monitor lizards and wild boars. We met few of them at our front and back yard, and also some monkeys too . We stayed at this eco-lodge accomodation, a wooden house with 6 rooms. We shared room with Lolo (threesome !! hahahaha, noo..this is NOT that kind of blog, sorry to disappointing you).
Me, in front of our lodge
The guide gave us resting time until 12PM, but of course we didn't do as he told, the island is waayy to gorgeous to be missed out by sleeping. We explored the beach, snorkeled a bit on the east of the island, but there weren't many fishes or corals as far as we could see so we went back to the pier, apparently that's where the fishes are!. There are thousands of them, grouper, long -jawed mackerel and many other small fishes that I couldn't identified of. Oh happy us ! :)
us, on the boat
We had our lunch (grilled chicken and stir fry bean sprout) then we prepared for our boat trip. Again the guide didn't inform us clearly what to expect during this trip, he didn't mention that we need to have our proper shoes for trekking the forest in Cibom - Tanjung Layar, thus I wore my flip-flop which absolutely a big mistake. The trekking route is actually pretty light if you're wearing the right shoes. But in my case, it was very slippery and muddy. From Cibom we walked about 1 hour and arrived at the Tanjung Layar Lighthouse, exhausted. Along the way you might encounter few wild chickens, lizard, but no endangered Rhino or any other endangered species, although I heard voices from Rangkong bird along the way but no sighting of the species at all.
I was not as happy as pictured here
We passed thru a giant banyan tree (ficus) which is very huge that we are literally could walk under its multiple roots. At the lighthouse, some of us climbed the lighthouse's stairs, including my husband, he took a lot of beautiful views from up there. Then some of us (again, not me) including my husband went down to Tanjung Layar beach, I'm a bit regretting myself for not going there as I saw beautiful pictures that my husband took from there. The site looks like another meadow from Jurassic year :)
The Giant Banyan tree
The meadow
The beach
We departed Cibom- Tanjung Layar around 3PM and sailed to snorkeling spots! yeyy...
The first spot was so beautiful, very clear visibility, no tide or current at all and beautiful corals and good variety of sea creatures; starfish, clown fish, coral fish, a lot of colorful fishes that I barely know what to call them and even we saw a small lobster!. The second spot was not that good, I even got itches around my body, at first I thought it caused by jellyfish but none to be seen so it might be plankton, I don't know for sure.
We went back to Peucang island around 5.30PM, feeling happy and hungry (hahahaha..).

Not so much to tell for our night activities, we had a roasted lamb (it was good although a bit hard to chew), some of us played cards, some of us played our gadget and overslept - in this case; Lolo and I.
Morning at Peucang pier
Ali's (attempt) of fishing
The next morning, not much to do, again thanks to this guide who didn't give us clear brief. Some of us went fishing and taking pictures of surrounding. Initially we would go to Handeleum island for canoeing, lunch and snorkeling and we need to pack everything and check out early so we don't have to go back to Peucang anymore before we head back to Sumur. So we assumed (at least, the 3 of us) we still got a chance to do one more snorkeling time thus we had wore our swimsuit during the whole morning. Apparently we were wrong. So there was a change of schedule that we didn't aware of. Snorkeling time was dismissed due to lack of time. If only he told us earlier so instead of while the others play canoeing, we and some others waited at the Handeleum island, played cards and our gadget (Draw Something, Path) took pictures, we could have joined the boat and find a nice spot for us to snorkel!. oh well. On this island we were entertained to have a fresh coconut drink, fresh from the trees! so refreshing during the heat.
Queue for the coconuts
After lunch we sailed back to Sumur in the middle of the rain (then the heat), exhausted, sticky and hot (not the kinda sexy way). We were welcomed by Pak Something (yes, I still couldn't remember his name, so sorry) with ice tea. After a quick shower, we went to our bus (hoping the AirCon would helped us go through the day) but apparently the AirCon was not that cold enough. Later on about 3 hours of journey, the guide told us that the AirCon didn't work anymore, but I also realized not only that, but the head lamp didn't work too, so did the wipers!, and it was raining!. The "great" news was, we kept heading on (during the dark road and rain) to Pandeglang, the nearest city to fix them all! and to add more; the guide (and the driver) didn't know the direction to reach the city! so he (the guide) kept calling his friend again, asking for direction (I wonder why didn't we just hired his friend?!). Our bus kept running in circle until we met his friend near the city's Alun-Alun. This must be where I get to call him a Stupid Guide, right?!.

So we stopped at one house where he (the Guide) already arranged us a buffet dinner (this time he used his brain), nothing fancy just homemade dinner. We spent about 40 minutes there, while the bus driver and his friends tried to fix our bus. Alhamdulillah everything was fixed properly thus we continued our journey home. We arrived at Jakarta around 11 PM.
Thanks to @yoshife , @agamserver and Pak Himawan for taking their time to arrange this lovely trip :)

Note to ourselves ; Never use the same trip organizer again. If you'd like to know its name, please contact me directly. I will NOT highly recommend them!.
Plus, when we headed home, I just realized the trip organizer didn't even mention for us to take any anti-malaria pills before and during the trip. Let's hope none of us would catch it.


  1. ini aja ya yang aku copy paste ke blog ku tanpa credit dan courtesy... untung dia udah tulis dalam bahasa inggrisss hahahahahahahhahahhahahhahhaaha *evil laugh*

    1. najiiss...bener2 teman yang EVIL TO THE MAX !!!!

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