Wego Indonesia ; #wegoparty Launch

Pieces from last night #wegoparty.
Pic from  @idVR360
Lolo and I were invited for their launch at The 3 House - Kuningan Village. We met Graham Hills the General Manager for Wego Indonesia, Ms Anita Duffin PR manager from Wego and also Shannon Smith from Icon their PR consultant agency. I met Vesta, mas Teguh Sudarisman and Pitra too there.
Wego is the first South East Asia-focused travel meta-search site and launched in 2006 in Singapore, Wego searches for the major hotel and flight websites to help you find cheap flights and hotel deals at the best prices. They search in real time rates and availability for hotels and flights from over 150 partner sites. And now they are opening for Indonesian market ;

pic from @idVR360
The party theme is using #wegoparty and quite crowded. We must put our Dream destination on our name tags. I even won a small token from them (a green foldable backpack) although it is apparently later that I know, it's actually a giveaway for everyone who's coming. Me and the other 7 persons who got a sticker on our nametag from Ms Anita, were called to share why we chose our Dream Destination, btw I put mine as PERU. There was an ipad2 to win (I thought I could win that for telling a story on why we picked our Dream destination) but no, they chose for the easier way, it was for the most tweets during the event, won by someone named @gajahpesing .My guess was he didn't have anything else to do than tweet about #wegoparty for 73 tweets during the 3 hours of event *sigh*.
iPad? not. iPad Casing ? not even close.

Anyway the reason why Wego is expanding to Indonesia is simply because the market of travel in Indonesia is becoming increasingly more affordable and more and more Indonesian travelers are coming online for travel research and bookings. Indeed it is quite fascinating how traveling became vigorously a new trend, a new pride (read: a new stuff to brag rather than just new car/house/gadget?).

I've been using wego eversince the first time I traveled the world by my own (meaning; not using any tour agents) and just recently before I went to our New Zealand Trip, while I was stumbled upon looking for cheap hostel deals across NZ, somehow I landed on this Wego Indonesia site.It was Beta version though. Currently their site is looking like this, their user interface is very easy to navigate, they even have the mobile platform.

The site is quite fast, and they now even have local airlines like Lion air, Batavia etc into their search. It will be very useful for me (and the rest of travel bugs) now to search for good deals.

Currently they're having a crowd-sourcing competition to create more buzz during the launch, it's a Travel Photo Competition. Win the prize of traveling to Wakatobi for 5 Days and 4 Night, contest valid until April 3rd, 2012. Check it out here : Wego Photo Contest

Follow their twitter : @wegoID
and their Facebook : Wego Indonesia

PS: Special thanks to @idVR360 for your lovely pictures


  1. I love getting to read about your experience from across the globe! I have been to Indonesia a couple of times and visited Bali two different times & Long Ampung in Kalimantan. Amazing trips all of them. I'm going to check out wego from your post. Thanks!

    1. Hi @Documama ! Thanks for reading ours :)
      We will try to update our blog regularly but sometimes it is hard to find time


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