My Most Frightening Travel Moments

I know, this pic doesn't reflect my fear
I was reading some tweets from my timeline which sharing their #mostmemorabletrip .
I was gonna share mine but then I thought I would prefer to share about my Top 5 of My Most Frightening Moments from trips we/I had.

Starting from #5 :
It was in Bali. Oct 1, 2005. Jimbaran beach. Yup, it was the day when our beautiful Bali got bombing  again!. I was there. Literally. My friends and I were about to park our car at the parking lot of Jimbaran Cafes area when the bomb exploded, it was exploded right where we would like to have our dinner: Menega Cafe! How lucky we were not to be there sooner.

It was our trip to Anak Krakatau, it is an active volcano but safe to travel to. Or so I thought until we were there and just about we got there, thick smokes came out! Mixtures of hot gases, ash, fine pumice and rocks were thrown to us rapidly. Tourists went crazy running away. According to the Ranger, although the volcano oftenly 'coughing', it's been a while ever since it throws rocks and thick smoke like we just witnessed at that time. I was so scared but then my husband encouraged me to continued our sightseeing and he took a lot of pictures of its small eruptions.

The Stranded Boat Passengers
Our Boat trip from Derawan to Tarakan which supposedly only 3 hours max, extended horrificly due to the engine stopped. Run out of fuel. Yes, in the middle of the ocean,under a heavy rain!. Without any radio/gsm network connection!. Perfecto. Waited hours until we got rescued by fishermen boat. So it was in total 10 hours boat ride from Derawan to Tarakan. But we were grateful that we've been rescued.

It was our first trip to Las Vegas. Not knowing any bus routes, we took a bus from our hotel at Fairmont area to Hard Rock Cafe. We were stranded in one of the bus terminal. At 10PM. Surrounded by homeless/bums, mostly American-african. Then one of them came to me! asking what time was it, then I saw his gun behind his jacket! Yes, a real gun. I was shaking, so afraid that I couldn't answer his question until my husband replied him for me. He was going to say something to us again but then a policeman came and tell him to go away. OMG.

Still in Vegas. Right after the incident at the bus terminal above, we reached Hard Rock then later on  we dropped by at one of the nearest 24hrs convinience store. Bought some snacks then we walked out of store. Just about 9 steps after we went out the building, just almost reached the bus stop then we heard a gunshot!. That store got robbed! We were stunned, and Thanks God, our bus came just in time, we hopped in and gone from the scene.

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  1. Wow , you guys have had some close calls!! This is a great post! My heart is pounding in my chest from just reading it! Whew! I had a beautiful dinner in Jimbaran Bay with my husband years ago. I can't remember which of the restaurants that line the beach we had ended up at but our feet were in the sand eating fresh seafood and looking out over the water it was magical...I can't believe your close call there!

  2. Hi @Documama : yes indeed! it was really close!.
    yes Bali has a lot of beautiful beaches. And great restaurants indeed!
    thanks for reading :)

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  5. waw, interesting story that you have.
    Hai, I'm Santhi serad

    I'm having a photoblog in :)


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