Singapore Trip : Wicked Show, Titanic in Centennial and Andy Warhol's Exhibition

This is one of my impulsive trip again to Singapore. The more you read my posts on this blog, you'll know that I have this two-sided-of-coins travel habit. I am not only super details on planning trip but I could also be this person who escaped town to go for an over the weekend getaway without thinking. If money is not a problem, usually time is :) so I try to make the best of my weekends.

So, on this particular trip, I was actually went to Bintan for my employer outing  CSR event. but, since Bintan is veryy close to Singapore, and a lot of my friends from office decided to extend their trip to Singapore for over the weekend, then I joined the entourage.

Long story short, I had Lolo and Yuli (who was agreed to tag along after much consideration over the amount of this trip budget and full of BS persuasion from Lolo) coming with me to Singapore. They fled early/first flight from Jakarta to Singapore on Saturday morning where I joined them in the afternoon, crossing the straits of Singapore by Bintan Resort Ferry. Took me about 55 minutes to reach Tanah Merah ferry terminal in Singapore from Bandar Bintan Telani (BBT) ferry terminal. My vessel was Wan Seri Beni  and it's a luxurious VIP ferry ride. Costed me SGD 31 one way trip, Much more expensive than ferry from Batam to Singapore both way fares!. See their website here.

So, we met up at our Lucky Plaza apartment room, this time we got placement at 10th floor. I went there by taxi from Tanah Merah ferry trminal, which apparently took me 30 minutes and SGD 22,sigh..I went straight to Lucky Plaza to meet them. We rested a bit there, then we headed to Marina Sands Bay.

The show starts at 7PM and it was still around 3PM so we went to Art Science Museum across the mall to see combo attraction of Andy Warhol's and Titanic 100yrs Exhibition. The exhibitions were crowded, especially the Titanic, there are people queuing by the time we finished up, luckily we didn't have to, we picked such a perfect time!. Our journey for Titanic exhibition starts by they gave us the boarding pass with similar design as the real Titanic's with their passenger's name on it.

Very creative!. I love how they recreated various sections/rooms of the Titanic and weaved the whole exhibit into a timeline which traces the “short-life” of Titanic from its construction till its sinking. They use original parts and some of passenger's belonging that they could find of and exhibited them in a very informative yet creative manner.

while queing for the tickets
As for Andy Warhol's, it's a very elaborated story of the artist's life warped up into such a impressive exhibition!, love it, It displayed largest collection of iconic works of the famous pop art artist, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the artist’s death.

Back when I was an art student, I  always fascinated by the concept of pop art and industrial art, popularized by artists like Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, bright colorful design combined with various printing techniques. Btw we paid for combo tickets SGD 28, instead of buying single for each exhibition for SGD 15 for Andy Warhol's and SGD 24 for Titanic. All prices mentioned were for Adults.

Rain has stopped when we finished both exhibitions around 4.30PM and Kean Yew - my colleague from Philips Singapore replied my text (I asked him to hang out with us), not long after his reply, we met each other and decided to have beers at one of the resto in MBS mall. We talked and laughed, then it's about the time that we should go into the theater, KY didn't join because not only I forgot to ask, hehehe, he did watch it before. 
Lolo, KY and I
Let me tell you about the show. Wicked is a originally a Broadway show, adapted by Winnie Holzman from Gregory Maguire’s novel and featuring music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, has many things going for it, including a Tony Award-winning set design and costumes that wouldn’t look out of place in a book by Dr Seuss. The story tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One, born with emerald green skin, is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular,  the story runs on how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. The show is very entertaining, fabulous wardrobe, very detailed and fit perfectly to each character. The set and stage decor are fascinating. It was the song ‘Defying Gravity’ that stucked on my head for days afterward – it's not an easy melody with high pitches, but beautifully sang by the casts, especially for the cast of Elphaba, I had goosebumps when she sang!. I regretted that we bought cheaper ticket for the show, if only I knew we could get upgrade seats for 4 persons, I would have asked KY to join us.

After the show,  we had dinner at MBS food court which always cramped out with weekenders. Btw I'd got to show my bitchyness to a 16yrs old girl who tried to steal our seats. She was deliberately tried to sit on our 'future' table, this obnoxious girl even called me "Bitch".. Which actually I don't mine since I live proudly for the name anyway, hahaha. Kean Yew even said that I already embrace the Singaporean life, LOL.  Not much to do after dinner, we headed back to Lucky Plaza apartment by taxi. It was a long day for the three of us.
The next day, not much what we did, we just went browsing at the ever famous Orchard road, went to Talisman at Far East, and then went to ION Orchard for lunch at the super nice food court (I think this is the only food court I've ever seen that has chandeliers around the area). Yuli has boasted that here, we could find one of the best Singaporean Laksa in town!.
Yuli and best laksa by far
Apparently that' s no bullshit!, they're soo good! i couldn't stop digging my bowl of super tasty Prawn Laksa Mee!. So good! The broth is very rich!, yes it's Halal if you ask me. You can find this delicious meal at a food stall named ; 3rd Generation Laksa and Prawn Noodles  and more review is here. Unfortunately I had to leave Singapore earlier because I need to take another ferry going back to Batam as my flight to Jakarta was actually from there.

Here are some pictures on our trip this weekend, I posted on facebook but you have to be our friend to see them.

Note: Sorry no pictures from Wicked show, Titanic and Andy Warhol's Exhibition as they forbid anyone to take pictures.


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