KL Trip: Half Day to Batu Caves

We didn't plan to go here for our trip to KL last weekend, read here: KL for A Weekend
But apparently it is easy to go there by yourself, so spare your Ringgit for tour agent, just follow what we did.
It is easy and cheap.

We went to KL Sentral by KL Monorail (from Imbi Station near our hotel in Jalan Pudu), took us RM 1.60 per pax to reach KL Sentral. From there we took a walk around 5 minutes to get to KL Sentral Station (I don't understand why KL Monorail station in KL Sentral is separated from the other train's station in KL Sentral, perhaps they're doing the integration, there are a lot of construction works is going on now).
So from KL Sentral to Batu Caves...
We need to buy tickets of KTM Komuter to Batu Caves (heading to Sentul route), cost us only RM 2, so cheap!. Thanks God I didn't book the tour, it might cost us hundred times more. Do the same in reverse for going back route.
The journey is pretty far, but we enjoyed the view, although using the train is sooo much faster, took us around 40 minutes to get there. Hubby is kinda hooked up with his Instagram activity, so during this trip he kept taking a lot of pictures with his iPhone.

The sun shone so bravely that day. It was a lovely day, I love sunny day than rainy day, especially because I can take a lot of beautiful pictures during sunny day instead of rainy/gloomy day.
The sky was blue, with clouds here and there. Beautiful.
I love the view of Batu caves surrounding from the KTM station. You'll see a lot of activities from up there.

From the KTM station, Batu Caves is only 2minutes walk, and a lot of Indian food stalls nearby the location, as this (Batu Caves) is one of the sacred place for Hindu's in Malaysia.The caves are made of limestone and formed as a huge hill from the outer side,they were discovered in 1892 however it's said to be 400 mio years old, amazing!.Standing in front of it is one of the Hindu's God gold plated statue, a gigantic one!, lovely!. Nearby, a lot of Hindu's temples, statues from Hindu's/Ramayana story and even there's one big gigantic green Hanoman statue!.
Hanoman and Shinta :) LOL
The caves are almost 100 m above the ground, we must climb a steep flight of 272 steps (which I did count, correctly, twice!) and consists of three main caves and a few smaller ones. The biggest, referred to as Cathedral Cave or Temple Cave, has a 100 m-high ceiling and features ornate Hindu shrines.
Journey of 272 steps :)
It was a hot sunny day, so it was really an effort to push ourselves to climb the steps. I must took a rest like an hour (each 15 minutes every set of stair - each consists of 17 steps) before I reached the Main Cave,I almost gave up during the half journey. I couldn't take it anymore, as I said to my husband, but then after a while of resting, I felt pretty good to continue...and then I've made it!! yeyy!! proud of myself :) 
The Dark Cave: no spiders in sight :)
We did stop during the half climb, in to the Dark Cave conservation, it said for the conservation of Bats and some rare spider species. The view from there was Kuala Lumpur, especially we could see the Twin Towers from a distance, very nice view! The Dark Cave offers an adventure package to explore the cave, should be fun, but no thanks..I don't see why I need to go all the way to see some rare spiders (hahaha, pardon my ignorance).

In the Main Cave - which is another half way from the Dark Cave, there is also a Hindu's temple and a lot of people were praying, probably all day long the place is swarmed with both tourist and Hindu pilgrimage. 

Once a year they celebrate the Thaipusam festival in the Batu Caves. It's a celebration for the son of Shiva (Subramaniam) and the becoming "one" of Pusan and the Brihaspati stars.The Cathedral temple is best known and biggest of the caves. You need to climb several more steps, but nothing compare the previous one :) The ceiling is 100 m above the ground and this huge chamber is lighted by daylight from several holes in the ceiling. At the end of the caves you can see the bright sky, when you look above you.
There are a lot of long tailed-macaque monkeys around the cave, so becareful with your belonging (they're kinda a pick pockets, hahaha) but if you have peanuts, you may feed them. Inside the Cave is pretty amazing, but given I have visited other stalagmite and stalactites so it's no longer charmed me that much, but still worth to visit. You can see in front of the entry gate of Batu Caves, there are a lot of pigeons flying around, you can feed them too, they love bread crumbs, I think.
Highly recommend to visit Batu Caves if you only have like a weekend getaway to KL, especially if you have visited all the malls in KL like we did!. And didn't I mention that's FREE ? no tickets whatsoever! good is that for backpackers? :) 
KTM Batu Caves station
We went back to KL the same way we did to get here, by KTM to KL Sentral, took us RM 2 each for the ticket from Batu Caves to KL Sentral. Although we did have to exchange train one stop after KL Sentral because both of us fell asleep on the train and missed the KL Sentral stop! how silly..
So the whole trip to get to Batu Caves from KL, vice versa and plus enjoying the scene, the steps climbing :) the bird-watching, approx. 4 hours for us (assumed you started from KL Sentral and ended the same place).


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  2. Thank you for your visit and comment! come again soon :)

  3. Dulu pernah ke sana ci tahun 2006-an.. sayangnya di batu chaves yang makejilbab dilarang masuk ya... tapi keren banget kan..jadi kalo kita ke KL pasti nglewatin Batu Chavesnya...

  4. hi mbak fatmasnow ; kayaknya gak ada tuh aturan bahwa yg pakai jilbab ngga boleh masuk, soalnya pas di dalam aku lihat banyak bgt yg pakai jilbab juga disitu. Lagian disitu kan gak ada petugas/loketnya, jadi kayaknya emang ga ada aturan tertentu deh.


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