#EDsambolo, Digital Family Outing at Sambolo Beach, Carita

#EDsambolo in action
I was kinda waiting for this office-family outing trip. Not because of this is an exciting destination, but the chance to see the sea again kinda burst my excitement, hahaha poor me. I've been missing the beach, the sands, the sea sooo much. Our last beach trip was Derawan trip, last April 2011. Not that long you say? for me it is. I always thought that I could be a mermaid princess because I love the sea and beach so much.

The event is actually hubby's office team family outing, the digital + creative teams. I was expecting more people joined but to my surprise not as many as I thought...well, I guess it's OK, more food for me :) . The Sambolo Villa is our accomodation during the weekend. Hubby and I have had several weekend holiday spent in this Sambolo Villa group, there are several gates for the Villas, named ; A, B C, D, E, F,and G.

My first time there, with my Design 96 genk was courtesy from Bebe's Dad - at Villa A and we had twice spent our weekend at the Villa G, then once at B and this one at Villa C. Best ones are the ABCs (also more expensive) and Villa G is the cheapest one but the beach is not as great as others. See further details on Sambolo Villas here
Huhbby and I in front of the villa
The Departure
We took our car for the trip, and there were Yoshi andhis wife ; Achy whom joined our car. Initially should be Nolli and his wife but last minutes they bailed out the trip. We started pretty late, around 8PM, we had dinner at Pasaraya - HokaHoka Bento first before we go. The traffic in inner Jakarta was actually pretty good, reached the Tollway entry around 8.15 PM and it was pretty smooth until we reached KM 42. Then our car stopped. The traffic was that bad, a lot of road improvements here and there, slowing the cars down.But luckily there were four of us and we killed time by talking...and talking...and talking. Apparently Achy and I shared many common friends and interest, Yoshi was studied at 34 (my high school) too, and Achy went to SMA 6 (hubby's ex High School), what a coincidence. Anyway, the traffic was so bad, we stopped somewhere (rest area) to pee and Yoshi needs to buy few cans of beer. It was almost midnight.

Yoshi took over the wheel, while others (Hubby and Achy) were sleeping, and I was pretty awake. I updated my twitter with recent condition, just to make sure people in Sambolo that we're on the way :). We reached Cilegon Barat exit around 1 AM and finally reached Sambolo beach around 2.30 AM!!. Deden (whom kept asking : where are you guys?) and Ronald greeted us with their 'pillow' face, sorry guys. So exhausted. We went asleep immediately (well, I did while Hubby was trying to set up the cinema" at the living room).

On Saturday
Sunset @ Sambolo beach
We woke up at 8am, after I heard someone said about having Fried Banana for breakfast, yeyy!.
Actually we have fried banana, then a smoked beef sandwich and also an instant noodle for me. Then we headed to the beach, ready to swim. The beachwater were not that appealing at that time. It was kinda dirty, and with tremendous wave, but we still went swimming :) I rented a bodyboard for a whole day for IDR 15,000,- and we had fun with the board and the waves. I got injured on my left knee because of a hue wave was coming and I wasn't ready yet, it dragged me to the coast, hit me to some rough sand.
Tired of swimming and the sun was kinda hot, so we took a shower then prepare for lunch. Chef Nanda prepared Spaghetti Bologna and I cooked a plate of Carbonara sauce for my hubby. The food was great!. We spent time to watch Gnomeo and Juliet along with Arief and Erfi's kiddos (they have 4 kids! add my admiration; they did not bring any nannies to Sambolo either!) .
Arief, Erfi and the Kiddos
In the afternoon, Yoshi asked if we want to find some Durians and Otak-otak (fish cake) ..yes we do!. So once again, the dynamic foursome went on our car in a quest of finding more delicious food!.
We drove with Nanda's driver to Carita and further to west. Not many Durian sellers for all we saw along the way to Mak " Otak-otak restaurant where we bought 100 pcs Otak-otak to go, for IDR 1500/pcs. Driving back to our basecamp, we found only 3 Durian sellers. We settled to buy from our first vendor (which at first we refused to buy thinkin that the price was too expensive), but then we compared to other sellers, apparently he is the cheapest one with better quality and more option. So we bought 4 durians for IDR 120,000,-.
Went back to our villa, everyone was waiting (well I meant, everyone who loves Durian) couldn't wait to 'take care' of those yummy durians. And indeed they're super yummy, sweet but not too sweet, thick and melted in your mouth, perfect!. For a while we're racing each other for these Durians, even Arief& Erfi's kiddos was joining, exclude the elder one; Izqa whom doesn't like Durian as much as her other siblings and parent.

It was about to have dinner time when we finished out the Durians, felt weird because then I was so full but I still want to eat the BBQ dinner. We were having BBQ fish and prawn and they all looked super yummy!. Everyone gathered and Nanda gave a small talk about the business and all, blessing the food and then we ate. I couldn't eat so much as I was full enough for Durian :(
BBQ Dinner, chaotic fun :)
At night, not so much to do, I was pretty sleepy so I went to bed earlier than others while Hubby was hanging with his friends.

Sunday - Going Home
Sunday morning, some of us went to swim but Hubby and I were too lazy, I packed our thing, took a shower and breakfast which was a very delicious Fried Rice that @ariefr and @yoshife made from leftover rice, then get ready to go home. I was putting our bags to our car when I saw Nanda and the boys were playing air soft gun, shooting a card box as a target. I want to play too!!. So I tried once, the gun was as light as I thought although it is waaayy better than ones in Shooting Range Blok M (indeed, more expensive for sure). They played for an hour or so, then we're ready to go home.
The Air Soft Shootin Range
Hubby was the designated driver again. It was around 10.30 AM when we left Sambolo.
The road was smooth, even the tollway was pretty clear than when we came on Friday night. Nanda suggested a shortcut to avoid Cilegon city traffic, so we could directly headed for the tollway entry gate. But apparently the suggested road is very bumpy, damaged and very dusty. It took us almost 45 minutes to reach the tollway gate,from the first time we entered the suggested road (which the locals took illegal fee from us to cross the road, not many around IDR 1000).

We finally able to eat at the rest area, I was so hungry. The restaurant choices are not that many, a lot of local stalls (which sell similar dishes) and 1 mini-market and 1 California Fried Chicken. I opted for Local Fried Chicken with rice from one of the stalls while Hubby, Yoshi and Ronald went for California Fried Chicken. The rest of our gank picked the local stalls. The dishes were okay, not that good but just fine for my empty stomach. I bought some refreshin drinks from the mini-market, went to the rest room aain and then we're ready to go again.

Hit Jakarta around 3 PM, sooner than we thought, then Yoshi took over the wheel and we headed to his house, dropped Yoshi and Achy then we got home around 4.30 PM. So tired but yeah, had a lot of fun.
Lovely weekend guysss @dedenph @yudasuti @nanda_i @ariefr @erfi @natalixia @onengan @yoshife @naldt @ranggacn ...

We should do this often :) next endeavour should be rafting OK?! :)


  1. pastinya seru outing di pantai carita.. :)

    1. Iya seru, tapi macet kesananya gak tahan, mana jalan tolnya bolak balik rusak, perbaikan tiada henti.
      Sekali setahun aja cukup sih kesana :)


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