New Domain, New Design, New Feature !

3 initial design options

Yeeyy !!..To "launch" the new domain, I designed 3 alternative looks for our blog and pitched them to hubby. So, this one you're seeing now is definitely the winner.

I also love it because it has cleaner look, simple, modern and fun too, also it really represents the name of this blog :) The Traveling Cows..yeaaahhh..

What do you think? :)

and oh, I almost forgot.

I also created a new feature for easier reading from your mobile phone. I activated the mobile version feature so you can read this blog faster (without the widgets) and less images.

klik Read More to find out what's it looks like :)

If you access it from iPhone it would be automatically look like this  :

I need to work out some improvement for the mobile version, I don't like the font type (Trebuchet) for our mobile version but  I don't know how to replace the font type yet . I have to look up for more tutorial in google :)

Also I want different color scheme, instead of teal, I would prefer to have it as the same blue like in our standard blog.

Hubby really like our new look for our blog, yeyy..thank you dear :)

Our (future) Cow favicon
Now my homework will be replace the favicon image. It is the one that appear as Blogger logo gram on the left side of your browser tab. We wanna change it into this cute cow couple :

Anyone know how to do that? Been trying several tutorials from other blogs, but they seems always failed when I applied them. I did exactly step by step but none working :(

Really need input on that.


  1. Keren Kak Vari!!!
    Hayo ditunggu di UK

  2. tentang favicon,
    gampang kok vari.
    tinggal upload aja gambar yg mau kamu taro dlm format ico/gif ke public folder. `trus, kamu edit theme kamu dibagian header-nya di bagian 'link rel'
    jadi deh..

    itu webnya mbak nina,
    udah bisa faviconnya

  3. Yeyy!!!.thank you bangettt kaka Renny!!'re my saviour, mangstab daahhh *cupcupcup*

  4. Horeeeee! makan2 dooong... sushi sushi sushi... hehehe....

    kasih liat sebelum sesudah dong... kan lutju :)

  5. masalahnya dengan tololnya gw lupa save template blog yg lama, dudududu...beginilah kalo terlalu excited dgn yg baru, yg lama dilepeh, hahahhaha...

    btw belom boleh makan sushi, kfc, dan sejuta fastfood lainnya...meh!


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