Gili Trawangan day 2 : Snorkeling time !

So, during our in-promptu Lombok getaway trip in Gili Trawangan, Nadia and I booked our snorkeling trip on the day we arrived. The package for 5 hours trip was IDR 75,000,- per person (boat only, no snorkel set/fin/life vest, no lunch). There are a lot of tour agents selling the same package  along side of Gili Trawangan's main road, they all offer the same price (from the same main vendor I believe). The trip is supposedly taking us to the other gilies ; Meno and Air, and snorkel at 3 points, then we rest and have lunch at Gili Air. It starts from 10 AM and ended back to Gili T at 3 PM.
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Gili T beach.
There's one thing that we felt betrayed, when we would pay for this trip, I specifically asked the agent, if this trip provides life vests, and he replied yes,... then when we were there on the boat and none of us get the life vests. I asked bout it and the bitchy boat crew answered not in a nice way. I did get a bit irritated, the fact that the whole participants are foreigners (bule-in Bahasa Indonesian) and we're the only ones who locals, I was wrong to think that these foreigners were really care for their safety of this trip.  I mean, should they'd be care for a life vest? I don't see any lifeguards around so better to put ourselves a life vest then, am I weird to think that way?. Don't get me wrong, I can swim, I have been taught to swim ever since I was 2 yrs old and Nadia was also a swim race winner, so both of us do swim well, but it is a deep blue sea we faced there, it is not some kind of an olympic size swimming pool, where you can see the bottom of it. Sea has current, sometimes the strong one. Sea has soo many life creatures, most of them I have no idea what's their species names. So I am sorry for being over-reacting on this safety matter!. I was probably seen so serious then they offered us to rent their life vest for another IDR 15,000,- each. OK, once again, overpriced but we have no choices.

Our First stop was the Blue Coral point, it's on the Northwest of the Gili T. There are so many beautiful fishes swimming around us, and i got to see a sea snake (which by the time I didn't it's so dangerous and poisonous-not until hubby told me after). There's a big dead coral nearby where the boat stopped, and most of us using this dead coral to catch our breath, or just to hold on to it while cleaning up the google/snorkel and then something so freakishly weird happened, there is one particularly Asian girl (have no idea whether she's chinese or japanese or korean), yelled at me " don't touch it!!..." ..I was stunned for a moment, then she continues yelled " whatever you do, do not touch anything". I was like " hello?? if I don't have my life vest with me and I was about to be drown because I was to tired of swimming or couldn't catch my breath there, still I cant hold on to that coral for the sake of its dead-living existence ??. Odd. but I wouldn't let the odd experience getting my lovely day of snorkeling.

The next point is the turtle point, it's close by with Gili Meno, at this point is where we should seen a lot of turtles (or just one, since we're really have no idea where the turtle's house is, right?! hehehe). I didn't know that we have to swim so very far from the point of we get off from our boat to another stop. It was a very long swimming...and so far I didn't see any turtles around, then a buzz-kill happened, I got my right leg cramped!, I had a hard time to swim and the current was so freakishly strong!, I felt the water temperature was drastically change from hot to cold. Nadia was patiently wait for me until I went back to our boat, then she went back to the water again. I waited there for 10-15 minutes then the others came back to boat, and I saw a turtle swimming nearby our boat ! so cute.. Most of them said that they saw 3-6 turtles along the way. Oh well, maybe it was not my day.

Then we went to Gili Air for lunch. Probably it's the only restaurant on the island that serves for the snorkeling trips. The service was suck!, I mean, if you do this on daily basis, shouldn't you be good at it?. Many of us had to wait for more than an hour to have their food delivered. Lucky for Nadia and I, we have our order faster than the swedish couple we shared a table with. Theirs probably took 40 minutes to come and it was not even look good for me :p I ordered Chicken Taliwang and rivce (the chicken was not spicy at all - well, at least on my standard) and Nadia had the Snapper Steak. Her order was delivered faster than mine so I ate few of her meal to feed on my hunger, hahaha. we spent more than an hour on this island, we blamed on the sucky service and the rain for that. We have one more stop to snorkel, but since the weather was not so friendly (it was rain and a bit chill), not many of us went to the water, including me. So we headed back to Gili T, it was around 3.30 PM when we reached the Gili T's jetty.

We went back to our hotel, took a quick shower and changed clothes, then we rent bikes for IDR 40,000 for 3 hours, again..overpriced. We headed to the north side of the island, we kept going until at some point we thought we couldn't pass through so we cycled back and made a stop in front of  The Blue Star cottages. The
beach is simply beautiful, white sandy beach and it has several nice wooden beach huts and also some beach chairs, which I thought they rent them but apparently we only have to buy a drink to use the chairs...yeyy!.

We spent our afternoon until it was almost sunset there, we're still curious about the point of sunset of this island, we even went cycling to one of a small aisle, only to get ourselves lost. I was concerned it was getting dark soon so after we confirmed to some local boys that it would be far enough to get there by the time we would arrived there, the sun would definitely had set down. So we went back to our hotel, dropped off our bicycles, went shower (again) and then went out for dinner.

Our dinner this time, Nadia picked Tir Na Nog an Irish bar - restaurant and hostel, they seems have different choices, looks-smell good too and the prices are reasonable. They don't charge 21% for the tax, it was 15% from our meal. We ordered an pizza to share (I forgot the name of it) and 2 glasses of juices. We paid around IDR110,000,- for both of us. Then I had another round of Ice Cream - yes, the Home made Gelato for my dessert. We went back to our room and had some nice chat before I dozed off to sleep.

Sorry I haven't had time to sort out the pics from this trip, been busy. I will post them later, pls come back check in again later.


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