Back to Gili Trawangan : day 1

The day we traveled to Gili Trawangan was a very nice Thursday morning, no rain and the traffic to airport was nice. Hubby dropped me of at Cilandak Town Square where Nadia and her driver waited for me there. The terminal 1A was busy as always, but we managed to check in easily and headed to the waiting lounge then killed our time there. There was a slightly delay on our flight, around 20 minutes, hey's Lion Air..what do you expect?! I believe based on my experience, this airline has never been on time (at least on all my flights with them).

Btw check out the story behind this trip here.

We arrived at Mataram around 12 noon, and headed right away to outside the airport where we wanted to find non airport taxi (which note to you ; airport taxis do not use the meter, you bargain with them, depends on where  you're going. It is difficult if you have no idea how far your destination really is, there will be chances that you would get cheated). We took Lombok taxi (Blue Bird taxi group) from outside the Selaparang airport to Bangsal port (it is where you can find the public boat to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air).

It took us over almost an hour to get to Bangsal port, which we took a 10 minutes stop at the nearby restaurant to buy our lunch of Taliwang Chicken (traditional Lombok 's spicy chicken) + Rice and drinks, all for IDR 37,000-. We paid IDR 75,000 for the taxi from the airport (it uses argometer, so not to worry). The Bangsal port is a white dirty building, inside you'll see that no one care enough to clean this place, some local men just fall asleep on the bench and there are so many cats, bugging (me) to feed them while I was eating my lunch, and some of men offers you a different (more expensive) boat to go to the Gilies, I heard one of them offering us for IDR 50,000 one way, maybe if we were desperate enough, we would have taken the offer. Apparently we just missed our 1 PM boat to Gili T, so we have to wait for the next one on 2 PM. The ticket price for one way public boat to Gili Trawangan is IDR 10,000,- per person. We have to wait for 20 people to be on board with us, so actually there's no exact time of departure but we did sailed off to Gili T around 2 PM. The Gilies are so close, it only took us 45 minutes on boat.

From the jetty, we headed to South of this island (or Left if you're confused later), we dragged our luggages to find our accommodation, although we had our booking at Big Bubble but better to have options right?. After a few guesthouses we checked on, although it was not a peak/high season but almost all the nearby and decent guesthouses were occupied. Some which more expensive were available, like in the Gili T Resort (smaller room than in Big Bubble but AC, breakfast and Hot Shower too) is IDR 450,000/night, Dream Diver slightly more expensive than Big Bubble (IDR 380,000) but I really don't see the point we spend so much for a room that we would barely inside during the day. We are going to stuck on the beach the whole times..yihaa !!

Our Room
So we ended at our Big Bubble room, we could not escape from it since the receptionist lady had noticed me as Nadia (who the one called her for booking our room), I believe not so many local (indonesian) tourists around here, so it is so easy to recognize us!. Hahaha..I should have known this. Big Bubble has a pool in front of its lobby/patio/restaurant and it runs a diving course too, the one that you can take for 3-4 days.

The room was nice, yellow painted (or was it white painted but seems yellow because of the yellow lamp? hmm.. I forgot), spacious, I love the wooden bed has edge where we can sit there instead on the bed. Although the AC is not as cold as I hoped for. The shower is nice, and the bathroom is clean. Our room has a Bale-Bale (rattan sofa with big fluffy matras and pillows) on our porch, so lovely, so nice. We prepared some mosquito repellent but we never use it during our stay in this room.

Best Gelato on th
We changed our clothes with bathing suit inside and headed out to sightsee the neighborhood. We walked to the North (way to Jetty) and asked around for bicycle rent and snorkeling trip. Yes, we didn't plan any itineraries for our trip. I know..this is so not me at all, but I just wanna enjoy the time when I didn't plan too much on everything, be a spontaneous. So we took our time strolling on the beach, ate ice cream (one of the best home made Gelato i ever ate, and it's only IDR 15,000! must try) and I did swim a while on a very nice beach in front of the Blue Marlin Cottages. There are a lot of people relaxing on that beach, we stayed not to long, we didn't bring any sarongs/beach mat to sit. And there were so many boats passing by, so it didn't feel secluded enough to be relax there.

Pecel & Satay
On our back to hotel, we saw a street vendor surrounded by people, apparently they sell Pecel and Satay. So for the sake of our curiosity (yes, a justification for our constantly hungry stomachs) We ordered a plate of Pecel nearby the Jetty (Pecel is Indonesian Salad, made from some vegetables-mostly spinach, bean sprout, beanstalk, tofu, all are boiled for a while, the dressing is spicy peanut sauce, usually eat with some crackers), this one is using a big sized cracker as the plate, so we get to eat our 'plate' then :). The street vendor also sells Chicken satay. Both the Pecel and Satay are good and delicious, although some of the satay wasn't grilled properly. The pecel was IDR 10,000 per plate and additional IDR 10,000 for a set of Chicken satay (consist of 10 pieces).
We tried to find a place to see the sunset, but it was too late, the sun has already set by the time. So we went back to our hotel and had a 15 minutes dip at the pool, it was so nice, 7 PM and we're hangin by the swimming pool, far away from the bustling Jakarta.
Dinner @ Beach House

After an hour of shower and busy doing nothing in our room, we went outside for dinner. We strolled along to the South of the island (it's to the right side from Big Bubble) and we settled for Beach House restaurant as our dinner place. I ordered a grilled Mahi-mahi and Nadia had a Grilled Squid skewer which tastes better than mine. Dinner was expensive, for both of us, we paid more than IDR 200,000,- and I don't even satisfied with my food. They charged 21% for tax and service which I believe it's too much!, you only charged that much for tax if you are 3-5 star restaurant in a hotel!. wonder there are a few local tourists around. When I was in Bali last February with Hubby, we had a chance to have dinner at The Beach House - Bali, it's at Echo beach near Canggu, so hard to find, we got lost several times to reach it, took couples of turns, we initially want to see sunset there but we were too late. The food was so good and as far as I remembered, we didn't pay much for that. The ambiance was pretty cool, so based on that experience I lead us to have our dinner here, but I was wrong, maybe this one is not as good as the one in Bali, I don't know.

We continued to walk South and found many interesting places, there is one place where we can watch a movie from a DVD (a big screen using a projector) by the beach, sitting relax with big pillows and you only have to pay for the popcorn/french fries/banana fritter...nice. And oh, the island now has some ATM machines, BII and Mandiri are there!. Yes, we're not gonna cash-less. We saw some expensive boutique shops nearby the Villa Ombak (which has a very nice pool), maybe someday I'll go back with hubby and stayed there. We went back to our room around 11 PM abut I had trouble sleeping so I probably went to sleep around 2 AM (it is better than stay wake up all night).

To Be Continued : Day 2: Snorkeling time.



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