CIMB Niaga AirAsia Savers, Save Now and Enjoy Your Fly Bonus

On our last Air Asia flight, I read a very interesting article in AA's inflight magazine; 360, about their new co-branding product with CIMB Niaga bank. It was the one in Malaysia though, but they we're going to have the same co-branding with CIMB Niaga in Indonesia. The product called as CIMB Bank AirAsia Savers account. It is a saving account with an array of Air Asia privileges.

Later on yesterday, I asked my friend Ori who works for the CIMB Niaga Indonesia bout this saving account and he said yes, they do have it, it's a very new product that's way they haven't have a big marketing campaign yet. I asked him more details and he gave me some fliers. For some are the free chance to get free flight from Air Asia and double Poin X-tra  which can be redeem for several benefits of Air Asia. Another good news bout this saving is they have free administration fee. Here is a flyer about the saving account promotion in detail :

Furthermore, I found out how to join the Program Bonus through CIMB Click (CIMB Internet Banking feature) to get free E-Voucher Rp 50,000,- (I know you might think; That's it?..believe me I do so, hahaha).
  • Just click on and be the first 1000 login users (have to own the Air Asia Saver account) and you'll be entitled for the E-voucher.
Monthly Bonus
  • Monthly bonus (will be active after Oct 2010) of E-Voucher minimum of Rp 100,000,- for the first 100 customers which following terms : Minimum average account balance of previous month is Rp 10,000,000,- will receive 1 Poin Bonus to be entitled for this Program Bonus.
  • Login in by using your user name and password.
  • Click on CIMB Niaga AirAsia Saver's icon.
  • Insert your desirable unit on the available colomn, according to how many unit of Program Bonus you had.
  • Click to submit, then you'll see whether you are the winner/eligible to get the voucher or not.
I haven't try it yet, but soon after Ori returns with my new AirAsia Saver account next week. Will catch up again soon on this subject.

Disclaimer :
This is not an Advertising post. Solely based upon my opinion.

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