Our Newly Addiction : Foursquare's badges

For those who social media freak like us might be familiar with this Location Based social media networking. Foursquare is very addictive. I joined on April 2010 and unlocked my first badge here then Hubby also joined a few days later, unlocked his first Newbie badge here.
At first we played for fun, made a few new places in town. By that time not many players yet amongst our friends so we were like having many places as our teritories. Foursquare lets user become a Mayor if we frequently check ins at particular places. Users should "check-in" or "Shout" at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Palm.

Our check ins then awarded points and sometimes we unlocked cool "badges" depends on venues, times or how many check ins we have to do to get a particular badge. The collection of their cool badges is one thing that make us hook up on this social media applications. We've been very competitive for each other to get more badges or explore a new one. Foursquare usually releases new badges for different events, venues and sometimes only in a short period.
My favorite website to get updated news on badge release are : and
Foursquare also has partnerships with Zagat, Bravo, TLC Summer,  The New York Times, Louis Vuitton and several other firms to offer tips, specials and new badges to followers. Once a badge is earned by a player, it will remain on that user's profile indefinitely.
I don't have a favorite badge and have to admit each one has different difficulties to obtain, and I have to admit also that I've been a little bit crazy to get all those cute badges. For several days I could get sleep very late at night ..nearly fell asleep but still holding on my 10" laptop in my lap, just as attempts to obtain more badges. Crazyyyym my hubby called me "Orang Gila Foursquare (Crazy Foursquare People) "...hahaha
This is my badges collection, by the time I wrote this blog I have about 70 badges, which i admit that I've been cheating a few times to do so (of course... otherwise how could I got my I love Brooklyn badge??):
And this is my hubby's :
This Super Swarm badge has a crazy story behind it. We were trying to unlock it in Blitz Megaplex - Grand Indonesia because all 4sqr user in Jakarta attempted to be the first country outside US to unlock this Super Swarm badge. It supposed to be unlocked only during the SXSW 2010 event in NYC. But all 4sq users in Jakarta held this party in Blitz Megaplex during Iron Man 2 premiere event. So it was like everyone was being a "Jumper" (yes from the movie) then checked in at Blitz Megaplex to unlock the badge. Including us.
I was in Yogyakarta by the time and not even in Jakarta, but hubby was in Jakarta although he's not anywhere nearby the venue. He was being lucky just to do some random check ins into that venue and got it ! whilst I've been trying several times but no luck!. So until now I am writing this post, I haven't managed to unlock this badge even-though we have several events that got 250+ check ins at the same place.  I guest I'm kinda suck on this one :p bad.
Post me if you find a new badge ok? :)


  1. i found this badge list to be really helpful and easy to maneuver. my fav badge is the jet setter

    1. Hi andy sorry for my late reply..
      Yes i love that site too, but for now I am not that particularly into foursquare anymore.


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