Trip to Ujung Kulon and its Surrounding

We've been planning to visit Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon since 3 weeks ago after we had Crab dinner at Cak Gundul - Kelapa Gading. We (gebukin team; me, hubby, desy, hendry, toto, wulan, adit, timin and debi) inisiated to have this trip during last long weekend for Independence Day.

As days went by, many participants as usual bailed out without good reasons (helo timin en adit, especially Adit whom using the same reason: have to make syllabus for his class)...pls dechhh..

We proudly mention here that we managed this trip by ourself, well..mostly major parts were done by Toto - our walking mobile banking (because he always covered all the expenses in advance for all us, in most of our trips) as we don't wanna to get rip off by local provider for this kind of excursion. We're still on eventhough a few times had troubles in preparing our trip, such as; not getting any room in Peucang Island- and the thought of camping in wild is not really my thing :)) and I begged Toto to look for proper accomodation for us. The budget went high because of the Elf charter rates and boat renting fees. We had to have 25 people to join us to cut cost for each pax Rp 500,000. And there were Hendry's friends filled the pack. after a few days before departure finally we had names for 25 persons to join this trip (I stil couldn't remember their names, sorry guys), my concern were only these people: Arya, Tania, Ezta.

day to day :

14-15 August,2009 ; departure from Jakarta, Badul island, Handeuleum, Cigenter river

The meeting point were in Al Azhar - Roti Bakar Edi, supposed to be depart on 8 pm but we waited up to 10 pm to have all these 25 people gathered. I hate it when people couldn't hold their promise to be ontime, or at least pay respect to other who come ontime !! weird, if only this trip was by plane, you should be left behind, no flight will wait for you .. 

Our late departure made us arrived in Sumur in early morning around 5 am, not to mention a bit misdirection while heading to Wisma Badak - our refreshing base for breakfast and praying. Around 8am, we started to sail to Handeleum island - our basecamp accomodation, the sailing trip took us around 2 hrs and we stopped by Badul Island to snorkle (supposedly but there were nothing to see in the ocean actually), the tides were high and we literally had to struggle swimming to reach our boat, so tired... Also the weird thing was, we felt so cold on the boat because the wind blew so hard and it was chilly..I had to put Sleeping bag all over my body just not to get cold :( and everyone felt the same too. 

Probably this is the first time I went sailling in the middle of sunshine so brightly and felt cold on the boat, hehehe... Had to admit when I first saw the island looked scary, with its small forest trail and funny voices from animal (I didn't know what). Situated among a group of small Island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon peninsula, The Handeleum Island area offers river experiences with a variety of forest, wild life and wetlands in peaceful location away from the main tourist routes, we stayed in a big house with 8 rooms for rent, we rented 4 rooms for 25 of us :)) good thing ; we have bathrooms, 4 bathrooms..although one bathroom upstairs were broken on the next day :( The house were surrounded by many wild deer, so cute..and later on many backpackers put their tents and camp in front of our yard as well, so weird :P 

We went to Cigenter river, canooeing along the river - look alike green canyon though, me, ezta, arya and tania were to lazy to do that and we just slept by the beach (literally deep sleep for 30 mnts!!). My hubby went canooeing and got this video for me to see what happen inside the river's forest :)

Btw Something happened to my brand new shoes; Teva - Omnium, hubby bought these in Pasaraya on sale and it cost us Rp 362,000 a pair and I just wear it for today, and they broken already!! WTF?? I should sue the retail company..damn. The most devastating moment was when we went back to Handeuleum and it was almost dark, and apparently this captain of the boat is new, he really didn't know how to park his boat, in the dark :( I went sailing to many islands and mostly returned back almost dark and the captain never had problem like this. Took him over than an hour to close our boat to the pier :(( we were so hungry, pissed off and we had to walk in the dark across the forest trail, and I had this tremendous headache since we were in Cigenter, I couldn't eat our dinner , I puked and have instant noodle instead, hubby were nicely massaged me and put me asleep..oh I love you soooo

16 August, 2009 : Citerjun, Peucang island

Woke up very lazy and had to drag myself to take a bath but then again I didn't :p because I remember we're gonna snorkle to Peucang Island!! yeyyy... Peucang island is a small but very beautiful, unique and pleasant tropical island with a white sandy beach, blue coastal waters and enchanting coral reefs. Various species of wild animals are found in its forest. Peucang is located northwest of Ujung Kulon National Park, some 77 km from Labuan in Pandeglang regency, Peucang island is one of the country's tourist resorts suitable for ecotourism and marine tourism activities, as well as adventure. 

"Peucang" is the local word for barking deer, as hundreds of barking deer are found in its dense tropical forest, along with other wild animals, like monkeys, monitor lizards and wild boars. The entry fee to the island is only Rp 2,000 per person and Rp 2,500 for insurance, which is valid for one week. A cooperative belonging to Ujung Kulon National Park provides low-rate guest houses. Travelers wishing to stay in a room with wooden walls can stay for Rp 50,000 per person per night. Those wishing to spend the night in a shed with mattress and pillows need pay only Rp10,000 each per night. Too bad we didn't get any room available for us to stay in Peucang, it is soo much better to stay here than in Handeuleum :( --one who never grateful enough :p Departed around 9am and we stopped by to snorkle in nearby island (citerjun site), they have nice corals and cute fishes, I took a picture of nemo (clown fish) and a star fish, also the current were to strong, most of us got cut in our body, scratches from corals and even my finger got stung by something then I decided to pee on it :)) -- as ezta suggested :p . We took some underwater pictures here..this is the first trip I took my new underwater camera,a wonderful bday gift from hubby :) luv u. 

Took us almost 2 hours sailing to reach Peucang, but it all worthed !!'s sooo beautifuuuuullll...white sandy beach along the island and the pier looked so cute :) All of us were scattered, some had their lunchs, most of us were taking pictures of this beautiful scenery. Bad luck for me, I tripped on one of the holes on the pier and successfully landed with my head,hand and knees scratched :( not to mention my brand new camera fell down too, lucky this one is shockproof :) We even went trekking inside the forest in Peucang, a small forest with 50 minutes trail to Karang Copong. I was so tempted but then I regreted it :( since I couldn't wear my trekking shoes instead I wore my snorkeling shoes so my feet were sore and hurt, same as my hubby, he got cut from one of the tree, Tania also seem so tired and her asthma gave her a hard time to breath, the smell of wild animal's pee or something..we saw a peacock, some wild deers even small wild boars (or pig?) along the trail, we kinda got scare by the pigs..they looked awfully weird...hehehehe 

When we had to go back to Handeuleum, was dark already, and apparently I just realized this boat doesn't have any Compass, let alone GPS device..Really wonder how did he manage to sail us back home t Handeulem??!!...and He couldn't ofcourse !..we had to wait almost 1 hour in the middle of the sea because the captain didn't know which island was our basecamp !! dang... Thanks to one of us had GPS in their phone, Arya has it too but they were using someone else's..phew..Thank GOD, we're back on track :) and weirdly thing was, this boatmen also didn't have a flashlight !!, they borrowed mine instead..wigh, I think these people were the worst boatmen I ever met.

17 August 2009; Oar island, Sumur, warung bu Entin
Originally we should go to Panaitan island for a half day but since lately the wind and current were rather strong so we decided to cancel upon this plan and changed to visit Oar island on the way back to Sumur. The trip took us almost 2 hours when we reached Oar it was almost lunch time, we were so hungry, almost all of us chartered small boat to reach Oar island, excluding me, hubby, wulan, ezta, abe and toto. While ezta, abe, toto and abe were always being dolphins around open water (they really enjoyed their gigantic unlimited swimming pool...hehehhe), me and wulan decided to stay on the boat. The heat were killing me, I couldn't drag myself to swim let alone going to the island :( 

Later from Toto, i heard about Oar island charged us per pax Rp 50,000 just to enter and play in this island!!..Apparently it owned by Pulau Umang Resort and mostly their snorkeling and diving activity for their guests is taking place in Oar wonder it is nice. But lucky for them, the island caretaker let them eat their lunch for free !!..phew.. Around 2PM we reached Sumur and headed back to Wisma Badak, for changing and take shower. Then another problem came ..the Air Con in another Elf was broken, and it's gonna cost us time to repair it in Labuan...sigh. When we reach Labuan, we decided while waiting for the AC to be fix, we should get something to eat for dinner, and the opt will be to eat dinner in Warung Ibu Entin - the ever famous seafood warung in Labuan, although I am not really into it, for me the taste was so-so, not as delicious as I thought it would be :P Even so, ezta and tania competed to finish all fishes and big shrimps platter..hahahaha 

Too bad no AC workshops were open during this public holiday and then came the rain..that's bad :( but still we managed to stop by in near market to eat some durians - again, I wasn't satisfied by its flavour :( oh well what do u expect?!. Arrived in Jakarta around 10.30 PM and home safely around tiredddd..but had a wonderful experience with my friends :)



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  2. Thank you so's an honour for us, please leave another comments in our post using your name so we can get to know each other little better :)


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