Brisbane and Gold Coast Trip

I stayed at Andri's when I visited Brisbane. Andri is one of my best friend back in high school. He's my life saver during the old days of my lazyness in high school because he is soo smart, I was always dependent on him for any related subjects of Physics and Trigonometri (dear Bu Majid ?...hahahaha) or made him to give me answers during tests/ exams..poor him , hahahaha...but actually Andri is always been one of my closest friend,we oftenly shared thoughts and discuss mostly about life (i think it's my 'specialty' having so many male-best friends).

I always considered we have close friendship eventhough for the past 5 yrs he spent his employment in Semarang and recently 5 months in Brisbane, mastering his electrical engineering in University of Queensland, courtesy scholarship from his employer; Indonesia Power ( I wonder why my employer doesn't open the opportunity like this - well maybe it does, but it surely didn't pick me ).I stayed at their place for 4 nights,- a sophisticated wooden house where he shares also with other of his colleagues.
It was nearby their campus in St Lucia, Toowong village, about 30 mnt from Brisbane city.

Arrived around 10 pm in Brisbane after took Virgin Blue airline (btw it nice but I had to experienced 1 hrs delayed on this flight ). The VB allows us preference Kiosk at the airport. As well as Airasia, they also doesn't serve free meal in their service, but I didn't mind since I put myself in Sleeping mode during the flight . Bad news was since I arrived after 10pm in Brisbane Airport, I couldn't take train or bus to Andri's, it was quite far, almost midnight, the Airtrain had closed and Andri couldn't give me any better suggestion than to take a cab..and it costed me AUD 50!! gosh...poor me..I felt robbed already ...huhuhuhu...

Scooby and us
Well, I met the nice new friends in Brisbane (of course they are Andri's),there are Duddin - father of 3 beautiful girls, Dadang - Father of 2 children, Tary (my guess she' single), Krisna (apparentely still young and restless who happens to be also single). They were very nice and most welcoming me there.On 2nd day I arrived in Brisbane, they already prepared schedule and even rent a car for the 6 of us went to Gold Coast.

I did mentioned to Andri that I really want to go to GC and Movie World but never crossed my mind that They would take me there...waaawaaawaa ...such an honour for me!! But of course we had to share the rent for the car and gasoline but it was soo fine by me, consider much better than taking a bus.

The trip to Gold coast took us about 45 mnts from Brisbane,and Krisna drove strictly max 100 km/hrs..hahaaha we were so afraid being caught by the traffic camera - Andri's credit card at a stake for every fine that might applied.

We had so much fun at the theme park : Movie World, off course it applies expensive admission ; AUD$66 and no concession for int'l student but we had so much fun there . Yet off course I was too chickened out to try the Superman coaster, the Batman ride and the Scarry coaster..basically anything that goes up and down fastly (yeah, I was the one who didn't trust the capability of my own heart )...hehehe...

Me and Willy Wonka
But we managed to take pictures with almost all of the characters of Warner movies that day...hahaha..I even took a picture with Willy Wonka !! (yeah..feel free to call me 'hideous childish').

Most of our activity were taking pictures , I would never guessed that Tary was more narsistic than me when it comes to taking her own pictures...damn , u should never judge books from its cover. She's really cool, she always had a great ideas where to take our pictures and she knows the good composition when taking ones...loved her!

We stayed at the park from morning till it closed at 5 pm . Then we're ahead to Surfer Paradise, it was sunset almost twilight, was superb...nicee..
Afterward we went to Hard Rock cafe - yeah off course this was my idea ..hahaha..then we strolled along the Surfer Paradise Blvd - which most of the visitor there are the Schollies, very annoying drunken high schoolers .What really bothered me that when I entered one of the wine store, they even asked me for my ID, they thought I was also high schoolies (hmm look at the bright side : am I still fit at that age? I might be look younger than I thought - yeah rite).
@ Surfer's Paradise beach

Mt Cootha Lookout
Late night, after drove around and seems neverending stop to find the Mt. Cootha, we finally reached it. Mt Cootha's Look Out is a hill (or mountain ?) nearby Brisbane where you could take a deep fresh air while watching a magnificent view of Brisbane city from above..real beauty of citylight took some pictures there and then headed back home since the weather was so chill and windy.
Day after Gold Coast, that was the Daydreaming day, since I GOT NOTHING TO DO IN THE AFTERNOON,TOO SLEEPY AND EXHAUSTED to do anything, spent the whole day by sleeping.

Oiya..I managed to get myself cooking for these gentlemen, my own famous menu : PASTA WITH CHEESE SAUCE (alfredo)...hahaha..these people really need decent homemade cooking.

On the afternoon after twilight, they took me to see salsa at the city.
Brisbane at night
We took citycat by crossing Brisbane river from Univ.Queensland wharf to South Bank wharf, cool sight ...1st stop to find some foods for dinner and also to see the artificial beach in the middle of the public park. But unfortunately it was under renovation till Dec 8,2007.
Gamble anyone?
Then after dinner we went to Brisbane Square nearby Treasury Casino to see the Salsa . The crowd were many and they're dancing and launghing. It was very pleasant and amusing . I was too shy to join the dancing and my feet are still felt numb of too many walking.
Me @ Citycat
The day after, I made Duddin and Dadang willingly (?) take me again to the city in the afternoon, since Andri and Krisna seems exhausted & tore apart of my passion for exploring the city . Tary had some other plan visiting planetarium and botanical garden. So there were only 3 of us, exploring the city, mostly we're taking the same route of last night journey. Only we did that the other way around, instead took ferry for departure to city, we took bus then go home by Ferry, continued by dinner in Nando's and walked home about 30 mnts (the most painful walk I ever took ).
We went again to Anzac Parade, Central Station,Queen St Mall, Elizabeth St, Brisbane Square, even we entered the Treasury Casino since Duddin was so persistent to take pictures with slot machines ...we're tried to be God of Gambler but seems the God himself forbided by let the slot machine ate our money.

And I took this cute pic of me drivin Brisbane Bus in Brisbane Museum ( it's Free by way yaw).

The next day my plane back to Sydney was early in the morning, so once again, felt robbed by the taxi driver, I must took the cab since we already double check in the transportation web that I might almost couldn't make it if I rely on Bus and Train to reach Airport, because it was Sunday - the day when they usually run less buses and train.

Well anyway I was so glad being welcomed in their palace ..

Thank u very much ya guys! are the best!..g'd luck with everything !

Hope to see you again in the future :)


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